Top 10 Best Summer Perfumes for Women

22 April 2016

9. Chanel N° 5

The second perfume on my top 10 best summer perfumes list is the famous Chanel N°5.

This is one of the best selling perfumes in the world and that is for good reason.

It smells incredible all year long, not just during the Summer season, so we definitely recommend the “investment”.

Chanel is already a synonym for luxury and quality and out of their perfume line the No. 5 is also the most popular!

It’s a true classic, you can’t go wrong with a perfume like this, so if you’re looking for the perfect classic perfume to buy, you’ve got to try Chanel N°5.

Top 10 best summer perfumes for women chanel no 5
Chanel No. 5 – Price: $159.00
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