What is the “cleanest” country in the world?

20 May 2016

9. Canada

Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #9 Canada
Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #9 Canada | source: freakingnews.com

The Canadians are commonly known for the popular sentence, “Sorry, I’m a Canadian.” This is from their habit in apologizing for simple things. For example, when a stranger bumps them on the street, they will immediately say sorry.

This kind of good habit reflects Canadians’ good behavior and nature. It has come to no surprise that this country is ranked 9th of the world’s most corruption free countries.

This year, Canada scored 83 in CPI. Actually, it was better in 2012: 85. In the last couple of years, Canada suffered from one of its most severe corruption issues.

The World Bank blacklisted SNC Lavalin due to bribery allegations in bidding global projects. Canada was considered with little or no enforcement of anti-bribery measures.

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