What is the “cleanest” country in the world?

20 May 2016

8. Singapore

Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #8 Singapore
Top 10 Corruption Free Countries | #8 Singapore | source: amrisehotel.com

BeingĀ the world’s 8th most corruption free country makes Singapore the “cleanest” country in whole Asia. The country has 85 CPI score this year. It has been going up and down from year to year due to its efforts in improving.

Singapore is not just the cleanest. It is among the leading countries in Asia. This happened for many obvious reasons. One of them is how foreign business executives and investors have no complaints in investing their capital in Singapore.

This is supported by the fact that for two consecutive years, World Economic Forum survey results show that those investors encounter no problems doing business in Singapore.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Singapore is completely corruption free. There have been cases. But they were manageable by theĀ Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

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