Hottest World Cup Players | Top 10

18 June 2014

Hottest World Cup Players | Top 10

Since we’ve presented you the hottest World Cup wives and girlfriends, now it’s time for a ladies-treat.

Today we are talking about the top 10 sexiest World Cup players!

We have to admit, it was a difficult job to chose only 10 hot football World Cup players, but you know what they say, it’s dirty job, but someone’s got to do it.

And finally, after a lot of thinking, analysing and choosing, we have the ultimate 10 hottest World Cup players!

And you surely will be surprised of our number 1! We bet it’s not what you expected!

Let’s have a look and enjoy these hotties!

10.Glen Johnson

We start our top 10 sexy World Cup players with Glen Johnson.

The English footballer is born in 1984 and plays as a defender for Liverpool and the English national team.

Johnson is married with Laura Johnson, the couple having 2 kids.

Johnson says about his childhood:

“At one point we were homeless and staying in a hostel, but once mum got herself on her feet after a few hard years, and passed her driving test so she could take me to football every week, that gave us a fresh start”

Top 10 Hottest World Cup Players - Glen Johnson
Top 10 Hottest World Cup Players – Glen Johnson

#9 says he is religious, but he cheated on his wife. How does that work? ->

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