Top 10 Indonesia’s Richest People

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Indonesia’s Richest People: Billionaires’ way of living.

Perhaps you know Indonesia from its famous Bali. What you may not know is the fact that in some parts of Indonesia, people are struggling with poverty. However, Indonesia is also the home of rich people you will see on this list of Indonesia’s Richest People.

From ordinary man to business tycoon, these people found their way into wealth in Indonesia. Some of them are native Indonesian. Some others were immigrants who seek through good fortune in the foreign land.

Business is a risky thing. Especially when big money is involved in it. These people may gain a lot. These people may also lose as much.

Throughout 2015, Forbes officially released the list of 50 Indonesian Billionaire. Let’s take a loot at the top 10 of them starting from the 10th rank according to their net worth by the end of 2015.

10. Tahir (Net Worth: $2 Billion)


Dato’ Sri Tahir, a 63 years old man, is the son of pedicab maker. He was born with the name Ang Tjoen Ming. He is the founder of Mayapada group. It is a holding company with several business units in Indonesia, such as bank, property, media,hospital, duty free shopping, and pay cable.

In 2015, he received the highest honor for citizens who contribute in the development of the country from President Joko Widodo, Bintang Jasa Utama. His 2 billion US dollars net worth put himself in number 10 of Indonesia’s Richest People list.

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