Top 15 Cities to Party-In While You’re Still Young

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One of the perks of being young is to have fun tirelessly! Where in the world should you go to party endlessly?

People’s taste in luxurious getaway destination may vary from one another. But when it comes to party, we should agree that it’s all about good music, awesome vibe, and fun entertainment all the way!

Visiting different cities in one country may be interesting enough. But visiting the best city to party in different countries is guaranteed to give you the best time of your life. Every country offers different vibe. It means different ambiance to experience.

So where should you go in the world to have this ultimate experience? We have 15 cities on this list with its each unique vibe. The choice is yours. Which one of these 15 cities will you choose to go first?

Prepare your itinerary list and let’s get going!

15. Belgrade, Serbia

Top 15 Cities to Party-In While You’re Still Young | Belgrade, Serbia
Top 15 Cities to Party-In While You’re Still Young | Belgrade, Serbia | source:

In the early 1990s, when people heard the name “Serbia”, they would immediately think about war. The country did suffer from a devastating war. Some parts of Serbia are even still recovering from what happened.

However, things have started to change. Now, when people hear the country’s name, they will think about their national pride Novak Djokovic and… party!

In the last couple of years, Belgrade has been hosting many events featuring world-class DJs. From boats parked in River Sava to the Belgrade Fortress. Tourists start to flock this part of Balkan.

One of the popular events is the Belgrade Foam Fest. It was first started in 2009. For 72 hours straight, about 70,000 people swarm the water stage of Ada Lake every year. This event usually takes place in the end of August.

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