Which country has the highest life expectancy?

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What does it say when a country has the highest life expectancy?

“Live long and prosper!” is often heard as we wish for someone to have a happy successful life. That is our ultimate goal. Believe it or not, your life expectancy may depend on which country you live in.

It may have something to do with the country’s culture and way of life. Because it leads into generating happy living environments. We all need good meals to enjoy in good climate, don’t we?

Here we will take a look at twenty countries with the highest life expectancy according to World Health Organization (WHO) 2015 list. The “Global Health Observatory Data Repository: Life expectancy” list is based on the 2013 official data.

How many years do we have left in this world? Let’s find out if your country is one of the twenty countries with the highest life expectancy.

20. Austria

Top 20 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy | Austria
Top 20 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy | #20 Austria | source: 2people1life.com

First up, we have Austria. It is the home to over 8 million people. According to WHO, the Deutsch native country has 81 years of overall life expectancy (84 years for female and 79 years for male).

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wolfgang Puck, and Beethoven are some of the famous Austrian. A body builder turned politician, a second-highest earning chef in the world, and a legendary composer, those sum the country up.

Austria is the only continental EU country that is not a member of NATO. The people of Austria, both female and male, have the lowest rate of obesity in the whole EU.

Don’t you even think that Austrian people don’t know how to live life to the fullest. The national definition of a standard alcoholic drink in Austria is 20 gram of pure ethanol. That is about twice higher than in any EU.

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