Which country has the highest life expectancy?

14 May 2016

19. Sweden

Top 20 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy | sweden
Top 20 Countries With the Highest Life Expectancy | #19 Sweden | source: mi6community.com

Swedish people have average 82 years of life expectancy. It is divided to 84 years for female and 80 years for male. With this, Sweden is on the 19th spot according to WHO. However, according to United Nations’ list, Sweden is the 10th highest.

The third largest country in Europe is the home to approximately 10 million people. Sweden is a Scandinavian country with its Viking history.

What is the secret to the Swedish people’s longevity? Not eating fast food is definitely not one of them. In fact,¬†Sweden has the highest number of McDonald restaurants per capita in Europe.

Sweden has given the world some of the greatest pop bands and singers. Some of them are Abba, The Cardigans, Roxette, Ace of Base, Army of Lovers, A*Teens, and Europe.

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