10 Toxic Beliefs That Keep You From Growing

4 March 2021

Most of the Times, Our Brain Is the Culprit That Hinders Our Growth With Its Toxic Beliefs. Read on to Find Out What They Are.

If there is something we are really good at since birth, is finding reasons not to do something to grow more.

It’s the way our brain handles self-preservation.

Some of these beliefs will massively hinder your personal growth in the long run big time. And for pretty dumb reasons too.

Today we’ll go over the most common toxic beliefs and how to better handle them.

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With that said, let’s bounce back to the article.


Somebody Has Thought of This Before

We hear this one time and time again.

“Nah, it’s pointless to try this, that guy has done it before”.

Aluxers, ideas alone are useless.

An idea is worth $1 Million after it made $1 Million.

Do you think car manufacturers will stop making electric vehicles just because Tesla has already done it? Are we the only channel who talks about this stuff? We were not the first, nor will be the last.

It’s all about the execution and what you can bring in the competitive market.


You’re Not Original Enough

A lot of people quit on their goals because they think it’s impossible to come up with something groundbreaking that will completely change their life.

But here’s an interesting thought:

You don’t have to change the world, you only have to change yourself, and the world will follow. And changing yourself is a lot easier to do. It is a crucial step to grow more.

Small, meaningful improvements, in the right direction, over a long period of time. That’s all you need. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Your creativity will come naturally along the way, don’t worry about that.

But if you need some assistance to enhance your creativity, check out 15 Ways to Boost Your Creativity.


It’s Too Late for Me Now 

We’ll start this one with a quote from Bill Gates:

“People overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.”

Aluxers, can you remember what you were doing 10 years ago? Can you even wrap your head around how much has changed?

Here’s a little game for you. It’s literally a game, called Osmos. You play with a little single cell organism and your job is to eat smaller cells and grow more. If you touch one bigger than you, you have to start over.

At first, you are this tiny little blip and the task seems impossible. But once you get going and gather enough momentum, you soon realize that the more you play, the easier it becomes.

It doesn’t matter when you start, it only matters how long are you willing to go.


I Don’t Have the Connections

A good network is super important but what do you do when you don’t know anybody?

Here’s a little analogy for you.

If you play online games and you end up with a really good team partner, you want to keep playing with him, right?
And why is that? Maybe he made your job easier, he communicated properly, he was where he was supposed to be and made everything more enjoyable.

Simply put, he provided good value to you. That’s what you need to do in your game. Make sure you can provide value and the teammates will come.


Others Can Do It Better

This one seems very common nowadays and social media with all it’s fake and manufactured content doesn’t help either.

Here’s the deal:

Are some people better prepared than you are? Yes. Just as you are better prepared than other people. You have to remember there is enough pie for everyone.

Here’s a good example. When people want to lose weight, they usually first look at how elite athletes are doing it. And the next thought is “Well, of course they can, they have a personal gym, personal trainer, personal nutritionist and they are literally being paid to do it. There is no way I can achieve that level in the same amount of time.”

But here’s the thing. They train to be as fast and strong as humanly possible. You train so your favorite shirt can fit you better.

Once you align your goals with your reality, your mindset changes.. Suddenly, knowing that others can do it better is an advantage, because you can learn from them and grow more.

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I Can’t Work Hard Enough on This

Aluxers, do you know what’s the difference between a 40hour week and a 60hour week? You are a lot more tired after the second one, but your output is pretty much the same.

A popular idea, promoted by writers like Malcom Gladwell is that it takes around 10.000 hours to be a true master at something.

But you know how many hours it takes to be decent at something? Around 30. Think about it, one hour a day, for a month, to be good enough at something.

You can be a decent enough coder in a month, starting from 0.

You can be a decent enough video editor in a month, starting from 0.

You can learn to make good enough websites, in a month, starting from 0.

But you do need to “pareto” the shit out of it. 

We talk a lot about the Pareto Principle because it’s something we use constantly in our daily lives.

It takes 20% effort to be 80% good enough at something. If you know 20% of the guitar chords, you can play around 80% of the songs out there. 

Think about this and unlock the door to grow more. 


Procrastination Is My Middle Name

In our Goal Mastery course, we have a chapter dedicated just for this. We won’t go into much detail here but here are some insights.

People procrastinate because “short-term pleasure often trumps long-term benefits.” It’s way easier to watch another episode than to take out the trash.

There are multiple ways around procrastination and they all revolve around tricking your brain intro success.

Here’s a good example. Let’s say you don’t want to wash your teeth before bed. What you can do is wash one tooth. Just one. It takes like what, a couple of seconds. But if you do that, it’s pretty easy to finish the job. I mean you’re already there, with a toothbrush in your month, you might as well just do it.

You can apply this concept throughout the day.

If you don’t want to send that email, just write the title, you’ll find it easier to finish it afterwards.


I’m Happy With How Things Are

We’re not here to question your happiness but here’s something to think about.

Are you telling yourself you are happy just because admitting to the truth will make you feel uncomfortable?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for life. And you not being happy with your current situation isn’t a sign of weakness or previous failures.

It’s a sign of self awareness and progress. 

The first step of achieving anything is realizing you actually want it. And this helps you to grow more.


Your Ego Is in Your Way

“Yeah I could had done that too but I don’t really care that much”

In reality, you probably could have done that and should have done that. But admitting to it makes you feel weak, and your ego won’t let that happen, so you default into this defensive position.

Making peace with one’s ego is probably the hardest thing anyone can do. It involves a lot of introspection and meditation.

But too many times, we let our ego block the path for us to grow more.


You Forget How Far You’ve Come Already

Sometimes people look at their potential and feel like there is a mountain to be climbed, and they’re only at the bottom, and they get discouraged.

But in reality, you’ve been climbing this mountain since the day you were born. Everything you did in your life has led you to this moment, it was a constant climb.

You are not starting now, you just keep going and pick up the pace. It’s important to look back from time to time and see how far you’ve come, in order to grow more.

You are not the same kid anymore, you know better what you want from life, what makes you happy, what makes you feel accomplished and so on. So why not keep climbing?


Which one of these beliefs had the most impact in your life? Let us know in the comments!