15 Reasons Why Traditional Governments are Outdated

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    Failing Once Is Beginning, Twice Is Learning but Thrice Is Creating a Bad System. That’s Exactly What Happened With Governments.

    25 International survey projects were conducted worldwide between 1995 and 2020. It was to suss out what people thought about the democratic government system.

    2019 recorded an all time low but what has caused this shift in trust? And why are people not happy about how traditional governments are currently functioning?

    Aluxers, let’s find out.

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    With that voted in, let’s get right back into the article.


    Elections Promote Short-Term Goals

    Electioneering leads to the kinds of long-term growth that you would get if toddlers tantrums were to determine the dinner menu. Today you’re leaving vegetables off the menu. And tomorrow you’re eating chips for the 5th meal in a row and before you know it. The only menu item is chocolate pudding on the kitchen floor and it’s just a mess.

    When you link getting a job with the number of votes coming from the mass populace, it becomes a popularity contest where politicians win by making the most popular promises. There are 1 of two outcomes of these promises. Either they are so outlandish that they are impractical, or they are so low in consideration that they lead to everything from economic to environmental destruction.

    The short-term promises sacrifice a country’s long-term needs and goals, and they are only to win an election for a 3-to-5-year reign. This means that the practical, complex, and boring policies of sustainable development and economies are non-issues for the sexy topics like tax cuts and jobs in promoting fossil fuel. These promises pander to the voters current needs but do nothing for future growth.


    Leaders Are Great on Posters, Not Always on Paper

    In almost all of the countries’ government system, there is no minimum qualification criteria for a president. Let alone the requirement to hold any form of political office. You don’t need medical training to run a country’s Health Department or know anything about mining or energy to administer the top position, and in many countries, you can rise the ranks even with a pending criminal trial.

    But yet, despite the qualifications and perhaps the ethics, government leaders get the key to the castle. And winning the elections doesn’t necessarily mean you have the skills, know-how, experience or even the leadership to serve the people.

    Because the current system of democratic election generally is based in the belief that “anyone can run for office”, but it fails to ask the question: should they?


    Democracy as We Know It Isn’t Enough

    In 2019 democratic satisfaction took a nosedive in the UK. Love for democracy has been in a steady freefall, peeking after 30 years of satisfaction when Tony Blair was in office in the early 2000s. Since then, Democracy in the UK has seen plenty of scandal that has led to voter dissatisfaction, for example the Brexit stalemate that dragged on and did nothing to change the lives of most voters.

    Now 57.5%, or the majority of UK voters have dissatisfaction with the current political system according to recent reports. There is a move towards a rise of populism; this is causing more politicians to address the everyday issues of ordinary people rather than serve large elite groups.

    This is just one little failure, there are tons and there’s reasoning behind it. Check out 15 Reasons Why Nothing Gets Done in Your Country


    Decisions Don’t Serve the Greater Good

    It is now painfully clear that democracy that was to serve the people is similar to the feudal system and serves the rich. In almost any democracy there are examples of corporations and wealthy people strong arming governments to reduce taxes and regulations that will favour and increase their wealth.

    This isn’t just a matter of the government failing to act against this daylight robbery, which has caused such huge inequality, but is rather a matter of the government assisting to cause this inequality and serve the needs of the mega rich. At the end of the day, the current system of democratic electioneering takes money to win an election, and guess who just happens to be flush with cash since the last generous tax rebate?


    Society Is “Complexerer” Than Before

    There is so much to know, and so many ways of knowing it, that it is near impossible to make a good decision when choosing a government candidate. That’s right; it’s as complicated as it sounds. Let’s unpack the government system a little more.

    Problems in our world are so complex, but officials who want to win the elections do so by proposing solutions. And these solutions have to be catchy and simple, for example let’s take “Make America Great Again!” Sounds great, who wouldn’t want to make their country great? But the truth is that is an over-simplification, and something no one could ever hold you to.

    The whole thing falls apart with a few simple questions: What parts of America would be made great? How would we start the “greatness” campaign? And how would we know when we have arrived at great?

    But that’s not what politicians trying to win elections are willing to answer. They just ride on the hype and leave out the complexities of what makes up a country, or what indeed it means to make it great. That’s not what will get them elected in the current system.


    Democracy Was Easier When It Started

    We can thank the ancient Greeks for democracy. Because it was them who first opened the floor to input from citizens. But isn’t this still happening? Well, no, nothing of the sort actually.

    In Greece, a citizenship was to earn, it wasn’t a birth right. If someone was to get it, it was by a bestowal process, which involved new theories, artistic contribution, helping the economy or serving in the military. And citizenship was for much smaller “city states” with just small-town populations, so it wasn’t millions of opinions to consider, but rather someone with the qualification to begin with, who was part of a small community.


    Traditional Governments Aren’t up to Date

    If you’ve ever applied for anything from a passport to a driver permit or any type of government funding to a tax refund, you will know that it’s an outdated system.

    You might think that this is unique to the developing world, but the good old US or A sports plenty of outdated paper dependent systems. An example of this incompetence was on display when after 3 years of gathering requirements to digitize the US Citizenship and Immigration Services system, the system was already old. 10 years later at a cost of $1 billion only 3 forms were digital. The system is often down and not faster than the paper process.

    Governments are also late to start adopting readymade systems like Blockchain and harness them to their advantages. Instead, they treat them like an enemy of the state. Don’t be like traditional government Aluxers, get up to speed with blockchain and how it can harness and enhance your life and business. We have a video about it right here:


    Governing by Majority Creates Minorities

    The majority vote isn’t as unifying as it sounds because when governing in a system where the majority rules the roost, you end up with the other half being underserved by the system, or their needs not being considered.

    What actually comes from a traditional majority government is more minority being fractured into underserved communities. If you add capitalist values into this mix the gap widens between the majority and the minorities. As the economy fuels and protects the haves and have-nots.


    Politics Isn’t a Thankless Job

    If we look at the current leaders selected through the democratic government system of the world, they all have something in common… Nope not that they are mostly a group of grandpa aged white dudes, but more along the common thread that they all have massive…ego’s. And we’ll expand on the white dudes later.

    It seems that there is a lot of ego and self-serving motivation in politics. Because when the ego is in the driving seat, we all fail to stop processing information from the bigger picture and rather consider everything in terms of ME.

    True leaders are there to bring out the best in people, not to act like rockstars. This is something that traditional governments have got terribly wrong as the politician has taken up celebrity status and forgotten the role of public servant.


    Voters Don’t Know Enough

    We really have inflated our politicians to rock star status, and cast our vote based on whose charisma and charm we prefer. Or who has “all the right friends in all the right places, and all the right moves in all the right faces” and the most convincing argument, not necessarily the most accurate information.

    The truth is, few of us really care enough to do our homework and actually check that what our voting candidate actually said was accurate or even true at all. I mean what do we really know about the implications of a move like Brexit, or forming a union, or opening up trade borders, or declaring war. So we just roll the dice and hope like hell the shiniest politician knows what they are talking about.


    There Is So Much Red Tape

    Aluxers, even if you have a great political leader in power, making the right decisions. Often there is so much red tape involved, that it takes ages for those decisions to come into practice.

    Like American writer, Ben Bova once said, “Red tape has killed more people than bullets…”

    Did you know that there is a specific name given to delay tactics used in parliament? Stay right where you are, we’ll share it with you shortly.


    Having Huge Cabinets of People Making Decisions Is Not Necessary

    It’s a complete waste of time, money and energy. In the government system that most countries maintain, most cabinets ministers earn ridiculously high salaries that don’t justify the work being done.

    Money that is being used to pay these fat salaries could be better used elsewhere. It’s not necessary for cabinet to be driving the latest vehicles, living in the most expensive houses and jetting off first class 3 times a year to an exotic location for a break.

    Traditional governments could save a sh*t ton of money by turning to blockchain to make decisions easier, faster and for the benefit of its people instead of a select few.


    Popularity of Ideas

    You remember the most popular kid in school? They were probably beautiful, wealthy, and everyone gravitated towards them. Anything they said, went. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous or ill-thought out the plan was, they’re beautiful and rich – so it doesn’t matter.

    Same for democracy. Plus, Aluxers, you know how it goes with the cool kids. You just go along with the crappy idea because you don’t want to be left out.

    Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, is home to the Ironman African Championship. It attracts competitors and fans from around the world to the pristine coastline to race and enjoy the warm ocean, and gorgeous weather.

    Weekends, the beaches are crammed with swimmers, surfers, kayakers, stand-up paddle boards and anything water relate. A crazy proposal was put forward to build fish farms just ahead of all this water activity, to “create jobs” and sustainable eating.

    The moment voters heard “create jobs” the vote was in. But what it didn’t consider was the fish farms would attract sharks, which would make the beaches unsafe for the athletes and tourists wouldn’t visit anymore. A short-sighted goal would make thousands more lose their livelihood when tourists and Ironman heads elsewhere. Not to mention, the coast is massive with plenty of other better suited areas available for fish farms.


    Electoral Turnout Can Often Be Abysmal

    If you’ve got “free and fair” elections in your country’s government system, you might have heard non-voters being asked, “why don’t you vote?” And the answer is often, “one vote won’t make a difference.” And if you have 100,000 people with the same mind-set, turns out their vote would make a difference.

    In the 2015 general election in the UK, 33% of the population did not vote and the non-voters were labelled the “unheard third,” which could so clearly have changed the outcome of the election.

    Here are 4 reasons why people don’t vote:

    1 – To register can be a bit of a mission.

    2 – Many are not educated enough to realize that their vote is important.

    3 – People don’t have enough viable choices.

    4 – Some have lost confidence in all ruling parties.

    So, until everyone comes to vote – no election result is 100% accurate.


    All Politicians Are a Copy, Paste, Repeat Model

    Aluxers, let’s be honest. Barring a few exceptions, most politicians look like they’re from the same mould.

    They look the same, sound the same and you could say, they have a face for politics. In 2015, a set of political mashups was produced by Alejandro Almaraz’s called Portraits of Power, and it confirmed this fact… all world leaders look similar. It’s creepy, weird, and bizarre.

    One must wonder that if all world leaders look the same, and does it extend to their thinking?

    Fastcompany.com featured an article by Mark Wilson who summed it up perfectly by calling them, “The same old white dude.”


    Aluxers, why do you think traditional government system is outdated? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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