Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: Adriana Lima

26 March 2014

Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: Adriana Lima

Anyone can get a Victoria’s Secret Angel body with a lot of work, of course. Here is what you have to do in order to Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model.

You think you can’t get a supermodel body? Think again! If a perfect body is what you wish for, hear me out when I say that nothing is impossible.

All you need is ambition and energy, the rest will flow naturally. Any model knows that you have to organize your life, to plan carefully your workouts, to eat, sleep well and never give up on your goals.

And who would be best for inspiration than a Victoria’s Secret model? And for today, I chose Adriana Lima, because of her interesting cardio workout.

Adriana: With two little girls, it can be tough to find time to go to the gym. Jumping rope is something I can easily do at home — I try and squeeze it in during my daughters’ naptime!

Fotor032703232Adriana is now 32, but looks better than lots of celebrities that are still in their 20’. Is it even necessary to mention that she gave birth to 2 beautiful daughters?

Or that just eight weeks after giving birth to her second child she walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? In a few words, she is a great example of persistence and commitment to one’s goals.Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: Adriana Lima

But pay attention! It is not easy at all. You have to really work and sweat. Adriana likes High Intensity Workout and Boxing, which are great for both burning fat and strengthening your muscles.

She manages to keep in such good shape with the help of her trainer, Michael Olajide, boxing champion and co-founder of Aerospace NYC.

Less talk, more action!

BoxingTrain Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: Adriana Lima

The 30-minute workout starts with working the upper-body and  a boxing section of fast-paced combinations (jabs, uppercuts and hooks).

Jump rope

Then we go to the cardio part where you need a jump rope, Adriana’s favorite equipment.

Start with a basic jump: one turn, one jump. You start easy, with coordinated moves and try getting faster and faster.

The crossoverTrain Like a Victoria’s Secret Model: Adriana Lima

Here, you start with the basic and them cross your hands in front of the body. Squeeze every single muscle in your body, especially your abs. the jump rope is powered from your wrist.

Crossover + double turnsadriaana

One crossover, 2 jumps. Try practicing it before so you make sure that you are mastering the move. As Olajide says: ‘This works coordination and works your mind.’

The side-openadriana-1

You start with a squat and them open to each side. And repeat, repeat, repeat! Here, at the end he recommends you go hard and fast, so you will be working your whole body.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and you started working already. Also, check out Fit and Healthy with Yoga.