10 Travel Destinations to Go To After a Break-Up

29 September 2015

10 Travel Destinations to Go To After a Break-Up

Here are the ten travel destinations to go to after a break-up.

When a relationship fails and ends, it is sad, but show must go on. So everyone has their own way of coping with a nasty break-up.

Some eat their favorite meals, while others drown their sorrows in alcohol, or the soundtrack of a really sad movie, and still others chose to travel.

And we say that the best way to get over a break-up is to travel the world. That’s because sometimes going to the other side of the globe, in the opposite direction, to nurse your heart back to its normal course.

Your try to do so by doing yoga at a retreat in Myanmar or by enjoying a nice bottle of vodka in Moldova, either way you choose, you’ll feel better.

Let’s see which are the best places to travel to after a break-up!

N10. Italy

If you want to get back on your feet after a hard break-up, Italy is the place to go. Why fall in love with people who are going to break your heart, when you can fall in love with the city?

Get back out there by indulging your senses on a trip to one of the most passionate countries in the world.

Spend your days eating some home-made pasta, pizza and gelato, before sitting down with locals and laugh until your cheeks hurt.

Or you could just go visit Juliet’s Wall in Verona. Who else is going to understand what are you going through than the most famed star-crossed lover in the history?

However, the famous balcony is fictitious; the stories of heartbreak inked in the letters on the wall below are real.

You can add your letter and feel a bit better about it.

10 Travel Destinations to Go To After a Break-Up
10 Travel Destinations to Go To After a Break-Up
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