Trends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

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Trends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Celebrities can be a great inspiration on how to wear every season’s trends. So let’s see which are the Trends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring.

We’ve been over and over again through spring’s trends. We know all about pastels and florals and we’ve seen what the models wore on the catwalk.

But now, let’s see what trends people are actually wearing. And where best look for them if not at celebrities?

The Varsity Jacketh3

I see Varsity Jackets almost everywhere and it looks like they’re a favorite item of celebrities too. It is a nice trend to try.

You don’t have to go for a full-on sport-inspired theme, but try it if you are into it. The simplest way to wear this type of jacket is with a nice little black dress.

Great way of keeping you warm and looking good too.

The White ShirtTrends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

The classic white shirt is worn a lot by celebrities. And of course it is, you can wear it in so many situations and plenty of combinations.

Try combining it with some slim fit jeans, add some stilettos and you will have a perfect daytime look. Take Nicole Richie for an example:Trends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Pink PantsTrends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Yeah, yeah, I know that when you hear pink pants it sound a little odd and you will want to think twice before wearing this trend.

But they are actually very cute as they are worn in nice pastel pinks and can be a great way of coloring and lightening your outfit.

The Flirty SkirtTrends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Everyone loves flirty skirts this season. And you must have one. No, not one, but one in every color!

Instead of the usual pleats, try a fit-and-flared skirt with a printed shirt and a maxi clutch. You will rock this spring and summer and celebrities seem to know that already.

Dressy Shorts

Trends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Dressy shorts are amazing when you don’t know that to wear to work anymore. They are both sophisticated and elegant.

Nikki Reed tried some checkered ones and she looks great. Try it for yourself!

Bejeweled TeesTrends that Celebrities Love Wearing this Spring

Like in this photo, add a catchy element to your outfit and try some amped-up tees.

Wear it with jeans during the day and with a flirty dress and heels at night and there you have- an all times sexy look!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I suggest you also check out Spring 2014 Handbags Trends.

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