Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfits

25 June 2013

Have you ever looked at you closet and said to yourself “I have nothing to wear.”? I bet you did. When it comes to fashion, I think we all try to be unique, and wearing the same outfit over and over again doesn’t help. Well, with just a few tricks, you can use the same item of clothing in different combinations, and create different outfits.

First of all, there are some items that every girl should own: plain jeans, the ones that fit in pretty much every outfit, a white simple top, an elegant blazer, black high-heeled shoes, and why not, a little black dress. Basic items, than never go out of fashion, and that you can wear for more than one season.

Trick No.1: How to wear a button-up
Depending on the type of shirt you own, you can wear it in other ways than buttoning it up. You can wear it with short high-waist jeans or skirt, and either tuck it in, or knot it. You can wear it over a t-shirt, or tank-top, preferably plain, with all types of trousers. You can pair it with a crop top or a bra, and shorts or a skirt.

Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfit

Trick No.2: Scarf to vest
Do you have a scarf that you really love, but can’t wear during the hot summer days? Well, why not turn it into a vest? All you need to do is fold your vest in half twice, and knot one of the corners, as shown in the picture below. You can then pair it whit a white simple top, or something coloured if the scarf is already white, and wear it with jeans, shorts, or whatever you want. It is a great way to add something to a simple outfit.

Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfit vestcollage

Trick No.3: Blazers
When you say blazer, for most people, you say “suit&tie” or at least “shirt”. But that’s not all it sums up to. You can wear a blazer in a way that is not at all boring. Roll up your sleeves, and the ones of your shirt if that’s what you’re wearing, add a bow, or a statement necklace, and you spiced up your outfit. Wear a blazer over a t-shirt or tank-top, jeans and flats, and your outfit has an elegant touch. Or wear one with a dress when you go out in the evening.

Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfit

Trick No.4: Reuse Old Jeans
I think most of us have a pair of jeans somewhere in the back of the closet that we never wear, but we don’t wanna throw away, because they’re the perfect blue, and they still fit, right? If you don’t want to wear them, reinvent them. Take a pair of scissors and turn them into shorts. And from then, you can be really creative.

Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfit

Tricks To Reinvent Your Outfit

Random tips
~Rolled up sleeves look good no matter what you wear.
~Wearing sneakers in an unlikely combination, with a skirt for example, can work great in most cases.
~Rolled up jeans can also add something special to your outfit.
~When you outfit is black&white, make sure you add some color through your shoes, a bag, or the accessories.
~Make sure you’re comfortable with what you wear, and that you like what you see in the mirror.