10 Ugliest Sports Cars Ever Made

23 May 2015

Ugliest Sports Cars In the World

These are the fastest, most expensive and to top it all the most ugliest sports cars in the world, a list of super fast cars that have horrible body designs.

Creating a supercar and making it look like a million bucks seems to be the recipe for the sports cars manufacturers in the world.

They aim for the “wow” factor, for visual impact and engine power, but today we aren’t talking about these cars, we are talking about a different type of sports cars.

These are those cars where the builder focused all his energy in making a powerful engine and left the body job to someone else or just didn’t give a single intent in making it look beautiful.

So let’s see which are the ugliest sports cars ever made and what makes them so unappealing.

10. Covini C6W

Taking the first step into the world of fast cars with ugly designs, we encountered the Covini C6W, a coupe that was intended to be built in the late 1980’s, but due to the lack of manufacturing parts the project was abandoned until 2004.

This car, raised some eyebrows at its debut at the Salon International de l’Auto in 2005 when, people started to ask themselves why put six wheels on a two seat coupe and make it bigger when it is supposed to be small am powerful.

Their question was answered when the builder told the press from where this has its origins.

Built by Italian car maker Ferruccio Covini, the car was inspired from a 1976 Formula 1 mono-post which had in the front part of smaller wheel for better track grip.

#10 Covini C6W | Ugliest Sports Cars | Image Source: youtube.com
#10 Covini C6W | Ugliest Sports Cars | Image Source: youtube.com
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