The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand

15 January 2015

The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand

Everyone knows about the stupendous beaches, the bustling cities, the extraordinary temples of Thailand. That’s why is hard to choose only one place to stay in. The ultimate luxury trip to Thailand will show you the Must Do’s for your next holiday destination.

Our tour begins with Bangkok. Surround yourself with fantastical temples and vivacious markets, take cultural tours, go shopping, explore the contrasting ancient and ultra-modern areas of the city, eat on the street or in world class restaurants.

One of them is called Bo.Lan and has been recognised for many years as one of the best Thai restaurants in Bangkok. Famed for initiating the concept of fine dining Thai cuisine in the city, here you can sample age old recipes made from the absolute best ingredients but presented with the flair of European haute cuisine.

The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand; Grand Palace Bangkok
The Grand Palace Bangkok; One of the temples you have to visit; via www.mrwallpaper.com
The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand; Bo.lan Restaurant Bangkok Bo.lan Restaurant; One of the best in Bangkok; via www.austinbushphotography.com

The next Must Do is a paradise beach. Jump in your private jet or fancy yacht order a drink and pick an island. Thailand has quite a few to choose from; famous ones with palm-thatched beach bars and a sizzling nightlife. And the ones that are less well known, but more popular with solitary sun-worshippers who just want the quiet whispering of swaying palms and lapping waves.

The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand; Phuket Island
Phuket Island; via www.marvelloustoursandtravels.com

Our stop is Phuket and Indigo Pearl Hotel. Set against a backdrop of dense rainforest filled with rare wildlife, this fabulous hotel lies on Phuket’s sheltered northern shore with views across the Andaman Sea. With its modern architecture and evident tin-mining heritage from the seamlessly-sliding heavy doors to the wash-basins set on blackened steel stands with bronze rivets, Indigo Pearl offers ‘industrial chic’ luxurious and fresh in the same time.

The ultimate luxury trip to Thailand; Indigo Pearl Hotel
Indigo Pearl Hotel; The Lobby; via www.indigo-pearl.com
The ultimate luxury trip to Thailand; Indigo Pearl Hotel
Indigo Pearl Hotel; The pool; via www.mrandmrssmith.com

Home to more than 153 different species of animals and birds, including 200-300 wild elephants as well as endangered Asiatic black bears, tigers, leopards and barking deer, it is no wonder Khao Yai is Thailand’s most visited park. From the hotel you can order a limousine. Once you get there, you will have the opportunity to have once in a life time experience and ride an elephant, a magic moment that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

The Ultimate Luxury Trip to Thailand; Elephant Ride
Elephant Ride; A Must Do in Thailand; via ww.flickr.com

So where would you choose to spend more days? In versatile Bangkok or exotic Phuket?