12 Unbelievable Skydiving Sites On Earth

7 June 2015

Unbelievable Skydiving Sites On Earth For The Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

For those who seek activities that give them the highest dosage of adrenaline we suggest these unbelievable skydiving sites around the world.

With skydiving gaining ground in the world of extreme sports, this is probably one of the most majestic and breathtaking activities that you could do.

With unlimited airspace to dive from and the height of your choice the only thing that matters when experiencing the adrenaline rush, is the sight you have in front of you.

Skydiving is possible, you only have to choose where to do it and the scenery you want to see in those couple of second or minutes that you have until you reach the ground.

So let’s see some of the world’s best skydiving sites and the scenery that skydiving enthusiasts have.



The first destination is on the coast of South Africa, in Mauritius, a beautiful island that has a heavenly treat for you.

The view from above is probably the prettiest thing you ever saw, azure water with reefs, rocks and lot’s of green.

The fall is amazing and people come here to jump from 10,000 meters and 15,000 meters to experience a tropical view of and the rush that skydiving gives you.

The interesting thing is that in Mauritius you don’t have to be 18 to skydive, the minimum age dropping to 12 years, making the sport available for the little extreme sports enthusiasts.

#12 Mauritius | Unbelievable Skydiving Sites | Image Source: zepelintour.ro
#12 Mauritius | Unbelievable Skydiving Sites | Image Source: zepelintour.ro
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