10 Unique Coffee Making Machines

2 June 2015

Unique Coffee Making Machines For The Bold Coffee Lovers

These are ten unique coffee making machines for the coffee lovers who take their java seriously beyond the rules of normality.

So over the time there were created some unique looking java makers, which can stun the public reaction and become the next trend in coffee drinking.

While most of you prefer to have the coffee rather than talk about the machines, some enthusiasts gave the coffee industry something to talk about with interesting designs for coffee makers.

The coffee lovers have the chance to come out of the ordinary and rethink the way they made their coffee until today because these java makers not only revolutionize the brewing process, but also brings eccentric form, unusual designs and out of the ordinary methods all included in coffee machines.

So let’s see how does these unique coffee making machines look like and what’s so special about them.

10. The Kuziol Unplugged Coffee Maker

While old fashion coffee makers use a lot of space and need a place to be plugged in, the Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker is the eco-friendly gadget that makes your daily java.

For those who want to clear up the space of the kitchen and use less electrical outlets this is the perfect machine to brew your daily cup of energy.

The Koziol Unplugged Coffee Maker needs coffee, boiled water and the rest is done by gravity, the hot water pouring down the coffee drop by drop, until your cup is filled.

Taking out of the process expensive equipment, large machines, long time for coffee and electrical cords, this simplistic coffee maker is both ergonomic and functional while you are happy because you get your daily java without any complicate devices.

#10 The Kuziol Unplugged Coffee Maker | Unique Coffee Making Machines | Image Source: firebox.com
#10 The Kuziol Unplugged Coffee Maker | Unique Coffee Making Machines | Image Source: firebox.com
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