10 Unusual Celebrity Collections

17 November 2014

10 Unusual Celebrity Collections

What are the 10 Unusual Celebrity Collections? What’s the one thing celebs love to collect? Can you guess?

Everyone has at one point collected stupid things such as empty cans, box matches and so on. And celebrities are not an exception.

We all know that the rich and famous love to collect weird things, because let’s be honest, once you have that much money you can buy anything you want.

But money can also buy you unusual and weird things such as old photographers or Roseville Pottery.

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10. Quentin Tarantino- Board Games

The famous director/writer/actor has an unusual collection of board games. I’m sure you saw this coming, because I mean his love for pop culture had to be reflected in his collecting habits.

He went to collect board games because he obviously couldn’t collect women’s feet.

We got the chance to see his collection in an interview he did and where we saw his collection organized by genre.

Among his favorites are Dawn of the Dead and Universe. The latter he claims is “the closest they ever came to an official 2001: A Space Odyssey game.”

But he also owns a Platoon game that in another interview told us that he would like to play a game with Oliver Stone.

We are not sure that happened, but we kind of enjoy his weird side. I mean is a bit more welcoming than women’s feet. It has to be, right?

10 Unusual Celebrity Collections N10. Quentin Tarantino- Board Games
10 Unusual Celebrity Collections N10. Quentin Tarantino- Board Games |via canwestillbefriends & eastbrooklyn|
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