Use Boxing Gym Equipment to Improve Yourself

11 February 2016

There is a long list of boxing gym equipment used by boxers in gym. In this article, we will share some common boxing gym equipment with you.

If you want to get into boxing, you need to be equipped with right equipment or gear. There is a long list of boxing gym equipment but you don’t need to have everything.

Want to know common gears that can help you in gym while preparing for boxing. Keep reading.

In this article, we will share a list of some common equipment along with their uses to help you make your decision.

1.  Speed ball

Speed ball – aka speed bag – is one of the key equipment used by boxers to prepare for fight. It is one of the oldest boxing tools which helps a boxer learn how to throw punches with speed.

It hangs on a swivel hook at slightly above the eye level. It is used to improve hand-eye coordination,punching accuracy and quickness. Hand-eye coordination is necessary for almost all the sports which include use of ball such as baseball, volleyball,basketball and many more.

Speed bag training is considered essential for all boxers. It is very important for a boxer because he needs to throw punches accurately and at the same time avoiding shots from the opponent.

2. Medicine ball

Medicine ball usually weigh from 2 to 30 pounds and can be used in many exercises.

The two main benefits of this ball are developing strong punching power and helping your body absorb major shots. It is a very useful tool to build explosive strength, improve hand-eye coordination and work on balance as well.

3. Jump rope

Jump rope or skipping rope is an ideal equipment to break sweat and warm up for exercise.

It tremendously improves your stamina and helps with your cardio as well.Besides improving cardiovascular health and burning calories,skipping rope is also used for improving coordination and decreasing foot and ankle injuries during boxing fight.

4. Boxing gloves

Well while preparing for a boxing fight, your foremost objective must be securing your hands perfectly. This is why, boxing gloves are considered the most important boxing gym equipment.

Their most important use is obviously protecting your hands from any injury during fight.

Another important benefit of them is that wearing them helps distribute the pressure to forearms and protect your wrists from injury.

5. Hand wraps

Like boxing gloves, hand wraps are also an essential boxing gym gear. They are used to protect hands, knuckles and wrists from sustaining injuries.

They protect your hands by keeping all tissues and bones in your hands compressed, which helps absorb shock while hitting or punching.

6. Mouth piece

Mouth piece or mouth guard is used to protect you from brokenjaws or getting your teeth knocked out or any other mouth injuries that can occur.

7. Heavy bag

Punching bag or heavy bag is another important boxing gym equipment.It makes the trainee learn how he can use his lower body, muscles and upper body to throw power punches.

It help boost self-defense qualities as well.

In a nut shell, there are many boxing gym equipment that can help you prepare well for boxing. However, you need to the most appropriate and right gear.