Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures

19 December 2014

Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures | TOP 10

If it’s the time when fans go crazy about the new Star Wars movie, then a list with the most valuable Star Wars action figures is more than welcomed.

A while ago, George Lucas created a sci-fi series that got everyone excited. For that reason, the sci-fi world he created generated video games, books and toys.

And it was only natural that more sequels will follow.

You know that Star Wars is one of the most successful franchises of all time, right?

The movies generated over $8 billion in revenue and the total franchise revenue? Forbes confirmed that it entered the $27 billion range.

Those films were a real influence on everybody, no matter the age.

So, you expect that the most valuable Star Wars action figures to sell for thousands of dollars.

N10. Blue Snaggletooth – $500-$700

N10. Blue Snaggletooth – $500-$700
Most Valuable Star Wars Action Figures | TOP 10 N10. Blue Snaggletooth – $500-$700 |via: batcavetoyroom|

This action figure was released in 1978 back when toys started to get into the market.

With only one black and white photo of the top half of Snaggletooth to go by, the toy modelers had a pretty difficult job.

So, they made a blue and boot-clad figurine instead of a red and barefoot one.

This is what happens when you try to make figurines at the speed of light, you will get all the details wrong.

But as wrong as the figurine was it was a rare Snaggletooth which made it a little more valuable for the collectors.

Kids, this is why colors are important.
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