Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body Campaign” Scandal

7 December 2014

Victoria’s Secret comes under fire for “Perfect Body Campaign” and it is wrong!

Victoria’s Secret is the biggest name in female lingerie around the world and after their 2014 annual fashion show they launched a campaign titled “The Perfect Body” featuring their gorgeous models, campaign which put the brand under fire because women of all shapes and sizes felt insulted by the incredibly hard to reach standards of beauty the brand projects.

The backlash comes from numerous women on social media that are offended because the average woman doesn’t look like that and ironically, that’s exactly the point.

Although perfection is almost impossibly achievable there are plenty of situations where through hard work, research,time and effort, one can come close to perfection from a certain point of view, especially when we’re talking about a competition with a strict set of guidelines, that if all are being met we consider the implementation perfect.

A great example of this is the gymnasts, Nadia Comaneci’s performance in 1976 Montreal which was scored with a perfect 10. That result is by no means offensive to anyone since plenty of hard work went into it and there is not a thing one could complain about when it comes to execution.

The exact same thing happens with the Mr. Olympia contest that seeks to find the perfectly developed muscle tone within the male body and that by no means make any of us men insecure about our bodies, even more so we look at them and talk ourselves into joining the gym since we definitely need it compared to these guys.

That doesn’t happen to women and we’ve seen this in the recent feminist movement, movement with which not all women agree because some are too busy growing themselves and being successful at what they do. The later understand that the world isn’t equal nor it should be! We’re not talking about gender equality but about achievements based on level of input.

In order to achieve anything you need to put in the work for it. It is that simple.

Which brings us back to the Victoria’s Secret scandal. The body has plenty of indicators that can be measured and determine whether the organism is healthy or not. Victoria’s Secret models are by far some of the healthiest women in the world, they follow very strict nutrition schedules, hard workouts, work with professional coaches, because that is what they are being paid for.

If health and beauty for women are to be measured by a set of characteristics the Victoria’s Secret models are -probably- the closest thing we can get to a certain degree of perfection.

Strong women are not offended by anything that is better in some respect than them, even more so, they use it as motivation and challenge themselves to improve by reaching towards these type of goals rather than complaining about it and trying to lower the standards.

Always remember that your body is a vessel, it is where you live, your home, so why would you be offended if someone else’s home is better than yours? They put in the time and effort to achieve that status, why are you wasting time complaining about how green other people’s grass rather than working on yours yourself?

These models are healthy, happy and inspiration to plenty of women that will not settle for mediocre, women who have a different set of values, strong women that like to challenge themselves, because pushing through makes them satisfied and happy.

People that are happy with their own lives rarely take notice or get offended by superficial issues like this because their focus is on core issues that impact themselves. Educating yourself to be confident in your own strengths, growing a culture of overachieving should be priorities for each of us.

Taking into account everything we have taken into account to far why would a lingerie brand’s campaign would offend you if you are a strong, confident and happy individual?

This is the original campaign:

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And this is the backlash:


What gives Victoria's Secret the right to say what a "perfect" body is?? Stop body shaming!!  by @hannahmbooth on Twitter
What gives Victoria’s Secret the right to say what a “perfect” body is?? Stop body shaming!! by @hannahmbooth on Twitter

Update: the brand changed it’s campaign to: A body for every body to accommodate the backlash.


What is your take on the issue? Do you find the campaign offensive? What do you think you are offended by it and why does this matter to you so much? Share your thoughts in the comments!