8 May 2015

This is the finest fabric in the World – Vicuna wool

If you are looking for the most exquisite suite in the World, you need to know that is made from Vicuna wool – the finest fabric in the world!

Have you ever wondered how it is to wear one of the finest and warmest coat or jacket in the world? Well today we are glad to answer that question for you!

Expensive and soft fabrics have always been one of the cornerstones of trading around the world, and because of that some species have been exploited near extinction.

Same case applies here with the vicuna, a South American relative of the alpaca. Vicuna wool is the World`s most expensive fabric material, and it is softer and lighter than any other fabric in the World.

Finest fabric in the world; Vicunas
Finest fabric in the world; Vicunas; via www.reachtheworld.org

Not so long ago, the vicuna wool was even harder to come by. For centuries this animal was haunted for its precious wool, and by 1960s the vicuna population had fallen from 2 million in 16th century, to 10.000.

When the conquistadors first arrived in America they referred to it as “the silk of the New World”, and as a result of this event the number of Vicunas dropped dramatically.

A vicuna coat coast around $21.000 and the price for a made to measure suit starts at $40.000 and Ermenegildo Zegna produces only 30 suits a year.

Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna coat
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna coat; via www.ezman.us
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna scarf
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna scarf; via www.pixgood.com
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna sweater
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna sweater; www.territoryahead.com

In the mid-90s some companies became eager to provide this fine and exclusive luxury symbol for the people, and started to try to find a solution to preserve the animal population.

For us, there is a big commitment: keeping the quality, growing the quantity, to do more business, which we think is a win-win situation,” said Pier Luigi Loro Piana, chairman and co-CEO of Loro Piana.

You are probably thinking that “if this type of wool is that profitable, then why not raise your own vicunas and sell it”? Well because in captivity this animal starves itself to death.

Just like in our times, back in the days this exclusive type of wool was worn only by royalty or very rich people and it was a symbol of wealth and power.

Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna
Finest fabric in the world; Vicuna; via www.kojin.wordpress.com

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So, what do you think about this fabric, would you spend that kind of money on something made from it?

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