15 Lessons Rich Parents Teach Their Kids That The Poor Don’t

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  • This is to my Mom
    Because my dad letter me when I was 2
    Now he wants to come back. I don’t think so
    Back to my Story my Mom Told Me Not To Do
    Don’t have any kids or don’t be with some one that has inkids.
    She told me kids are expensive And you will not focus on your achievements.
    That is so true. Thanks mom I understand.

  • I lesson that I learn from my parents is: “Don’t believe every you heard, you own research”. This let me learn a lot of knowledge, but I’m failing to be rich. I start different ventures but always something happen. I want to find something that I really like and when I do it gain money at the same time. RISK

  • My dad didn’t know much himself, so I learnt mostly by reading books from a very early age (around 9).

    My mom always encouraged me, while my dad always discouraged me. I believe encouragement is all one needs, you can learn a whole more from books than from your parents. The people who author books shape the world, whereas we’d have never emerged out of the caves if we learned from our parents.

    The only advantage that I had was that we had a very literary home, so had access to a vast array of biographies, books, and all kinds of journals.

    I always had plenty of money growing up, but I still read Forbes and Fortune, so wanted to make more. Every childhood hobby of mine was a business venture, but, because of our rank and status, I had it all operated through employees. These days, you don’t get good employees, in particular, in the region that I’m presently based.

    I bought my first residential plot for a house, when I was just 10. I’d bought it for capital appreciation, and I was wearing a gold-plated, 1927-vintage, Cartier Tank watch when I was 13, but that was 1981. Since then, the quality of the human resource has really gone down the drain, so except for trading I’ve not been able to make much.

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