15 Rules To Live A Happy Life

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  • My quality of life has deteriorated over the years, so I can’t be thankful for my present state of affairs. I can also can no longer appreciate the smaller things in life, when the things that really matter remain unfilled, so happiness, I suspect, would continue to elude me based my own measure of my potential, and the subsequent expectations from life derived from that potential.

  • Happiness would mean different things to different people.

    The differences would arise from one’s academic endeavors, literary forays, and exposure to different facets of life.

    These knowledge horizons and our measure of our own abilities ascertain our expectations from life, and their fulfillment translates into happiness.

    The narrower your horizons, the lower your expectations, and the easier it is to attain happiness. The broader, the more diverse, and the more in-depth your horizons, the higher your expectations of your own potential, and the more elusive your state of bliss.

    For me, the most important ingredient to my happiness would be my sense of accomplishment and achievements. In my peculiar case, this would mean accomplishments and achievements within the technological, financial, infrastructural and geopolitical arenas. Now, for these to be tangible, they would also need to translate into revenue/profit/remuneration(remunerative) streams.

    This would be about having left one’s footprints on earth through one’s analyses, solutions, creativity, innovations and industriousness. It would also mean to have acquired the financial resources to explore activities, people, and places.

    The 2nd most important ingredient would be to be the most important person to at least one other person in the world, this would be my girl friend or wife. I believe this to be an essential human need that separates us from animals. This would be one’s emotional support structure in terms of having someone who’d always be there for you.

    The third ingredient would be to earn the love and warmth of mankind in general. These vibes make us feel cherished and appreciated, and also open up numerous social and intellectual venues and vistas. This would be an extended emotional support, intellectual, and recreational structure/framework.

    The fourth ingredient would be to experience sheer joy and rapture to reinvigorate, renew and recreate one’s soul and refresh one’s spirit. This could be sex or an extreme sport such as skiing, sailing, scuba diving or surfing. At a less intense level, it could also mean enriching our lives by exploring people, activities, and places.

    I, at least, would need all three ingredients at the same time to be happy.

    An unaccomplished person can be pitied, but not loved, so this is the most important ingredient of happiness. A life of accomplishments alone, without having experienced love, would be a life endured, but not quite lived in terms of human emotions and feelings. A life spent alone would be a life devoid of the warmth of human relationships. A life lived without having witnessed sheer joy and rapture would be a life suffered, not quite lived.

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