First Ever Disneyland Map Just Sold at Auction for $708K

30 June 2017

Walt Disney’s Original Disneyland Map Sells for $708,000 at Auction

Someone purchased Walt Disney’s original Disneyland map for $708,000 at an auction. See everything about the sale!

Everyone knows that any object from Disney or related to Disney is going to sell for a lot of money. Well, this map is no exception.

This map, sold at an auction in Los Angeles, is actually Walt Disney’s Disneyland presentation map.

The map is the most expensive Disneyland map ever sold, when expected to sell of over $900k.

Held by Van Eaton Galleries on June 25, the auction sold the highly anticipated Walt Disney’s map.

“As we had expected, this extraordinary Disneyland map sold for an outstanding price. After some pretty exciting bidding the map sold for $708,000,” said Mike Van Eaton, Co-Owner of Van Eaton Galleries.

“We are beyond thrilled that the map will continue to be appreciated and cherished just like it has been for all these years.”

Who created it and why?

The original map, created by Walt Disney and Herb Ryman became part of the auction which featured nearly 1,000 other iconic Disney artifacts.

Used to secure the initial funding for Disneyland back in ’53, the 40-by-68.5-inch map, is one of the most important Disney’s memorabilia.

“If you remember, he wanted to build the theme park at the (Burbank) studios, but his ideas kept getting bigger and bigger,” Van Eaton explained. “So Walt needed financing, and even mortgaged his own house…

The resort influenced popular culture and built generations of loyal fans, since it opened 60 years ago.

Walt Disney’s Original Disneyland Map Sells for $708,000 at Auction
Walt Disney’s Original Disneyland Map Sells for $708,000 at Auction

The auction, devoted to the history of Disneyland featured rare and remarkable items from some of the best collections in the world. Among the items is this one-of-a-kind map.

Inspired to build this park after spending time with his daughters at a local Los Angeles park, Walt Disney created some of the most magical places.

Among the items sold at auction were a rare Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghost animatronic shirt, a Walt Disney World Railroad Conductor costume, Haunted Mansion costume. Also there: Indiana Jones Adventure female and male wardrobe designs, and many more.

Who bought the map?

Three bidders battled for the map. The seller’s name, like the buyer’s, is secret.

“This is one of the most historical documents around,” Van Eaton said.

More than 200 people came in Sherman Oaks for the auction, and other more participated online.

What do you think about this original map?

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