Are you making these 10 mistakes when using perfume?

10 March 2016

10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume

You thaught you knew everything there is to know about it, huh? Well here are 10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume and what to do to improve your routine.

Perfume is one of the most subtle yet essential accesories out there. It has to match your style and personality to the point where people remember you by your fragrance. What might smell great on your friend, will smell different on yourself, so you always have to be carefull when you pick.

Of course, you should experiment with different types and brands until you find the ones that fit you best and once you do, read on so you learn how to make the most out of them!

1.You spray all over yourself

This way most of your perfume will go to waste by vanishing into thin air.

There is the saying:

Apply perfume wherever you want to be kissed!

By this I mean Pulse Points, where your arteries are superficial enough so that you can feel them, like behind your ears, the sides of your neck, where the carotid is, your wrists and the inside of your elbow, where your radial artery is and even behind your knees, where the femoral artery is.

2.You spray your clothes

All perfumes contain some percentage of oil, that will not only vanish more easily when applied on textiles but will also most likely stain your clothes. Be careful!

3.You don’t apply moisturizer first

If your skin is dry, your scent will not have anything to hold on to, thus it will vanish faster.

Moisturizing your sking right after you shower would be the best.

You can also invest when buying perfume in a lotion that has the same fragrance and apply it before to make the smell even more powerul.

10 ways you waste perfume, nina ricci
Nina Ricci Perfume

4.You rub perfume into your skin

If you spray your wrists and then go:

10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume
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You are doing it WRONG!

You should gently pat your perfume on your wrists, avoiding irritation and making the scent last longer.

5.You apply perfume the same way on short and long hair

Halfway into the 10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume list, we’re talking about hair!

First of all, the right way to apply perfume to your hair is by spritzing it on your brush and then brushing your hair.

You apply perfume the same way on short and long hair
You apply perfume the same way on short and long hair

And depending on the length of your hair: if it’s short, brush the top of your head and if it’s longer brush only the bottom part.

6.You don’t know what you’re buying

There are roughly 5 concentrations of perfume, depending on how much oil they contain and how long they last:

1.Parfum is the most concentrated one, it contains 25% oils and can last anywhere from 9h to 16h on your skin. It is also obviously the most expensive.

2.Eau de Parfum has a concentration of 10-20% and it lasts for around 6h.

3.Eau de Toilette has a concentration of 8-10% and lasts for around 4h.

4.Cologne has a concentration of 5% and it lasts between 2h and 4h.

5.Body Mist has a concentration of 1-3% and it can last up to 1h mostly.

7.You forget to reaply

Depending on how hydrated you are, your lifestyle and your schedule for the day you should always set an alarm anywhere from 4h to 8h reminding you to reapply your perfume.

It is natural for your fragrance to rub off being that you are genuinely in contact with lots of objects. So one way to stop complaining that your perfume is gone is to, obviously, keep reapplying it!

A great tip here is to save the free samples of perfume that they give you in stores and keep them in your bag. They don’t take up much space and they always come in handy.

10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume
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8.You over-do it

A ”great” way of ruining your gorgeous scent is to apply too much of it.

You should just aim for 5 pulse points and if you feel like it, spritz some perfume in front of yourself and then take a step into the mist.

9.You don’t choose your perfume corectly

Alright, picture this: you go to Sephora to the perfume isle and you start smelling all of the beautiful bottles they have to offer.

You then pick the one that looks the coolest, only to find that it smells nothing like you remebered when you get home.

Most stores offer you coffee beans to smell between perfumes to give you a clean view of the product and all of it’s hidden scents.

10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume
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10.You store your perfume wrong

Maybe one of the most important points of the 10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume list.

You should not keep your perfumes in the bathroom! The light, heat and moisture will damage them.

To make them last as long as possible you should keep them in a cold place away from sunlight, otherwise the scent will change.

10 Ways You Are Wasting Your Expensive Perfume
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Hope you found this list useful, if you are interested to know more about perfumes, check out the Most Expensive Perfumes in the World.