How to Watch Formula 1 Race Like a Sir

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Here are some tips for you to watch Formula 1 exclusively…

Formula 1 is the most expensive sport in the world. The price of the super-fast cars, the drivers’ salary, the cash prize, those are just a tip of the iceberg. There is no better way to enjoy sport than to watch Formula 1 in a luxurious way.

Every season, there are more than 20 Formula 1 Grand Prix races to watch. They are held in many countries throughout the world. Building up your traveling itinerary around the world based on Formula 1 schedule itself will be splendid.

Formula 1 Grand Prix is not just a one day event. It is so exclusive that the euphoria starts days before the main race. FIA has a high standard for racing venue, thus there is no doubt towards the exclusivity of every city where the race is held.

We gathered 10 ways to watch Formula 1 at its best. Prepare your itinerary and start you traveling engine!

10. Arrive with style

How to Watch Formula 1 Race Like a Sir: #10 Arrive in style | source:
How to Watch Formula 1 Race Like a Sir: #10 Arrive in style | source:

Is there any better way to arrive at the designated racing venue than landing on a luxurious private jet? You might as well beat the Formula 1 driver in terms of exclusivity.

Renting a private jet is a common thing for rich people who spend most of their time traveling. Whether it is for business or leisure. There are many private jet charter services you can choose from.

According to Forbes, a medium-sized business jet has an average charter rate of $3,388 per hour. So If you are planning to go to Monte Carlo, Monaco to watch Formula 1 in May 29 this year, consider how long it will take for you to get there.

In a year, there are over 150 thousands medium-sized private jet flights. The world’s most expensive private jet is owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud. It is an Airbus A380 with an estimated cost over $500 million.

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