Watch Guide for the Modern Man

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Watches are an underrated accessory for men in the modern society. Most men carry a 100$ watch that tells the time just fine but does nothing to improve their look or strengthen their image. Every man should have a couple of watches so he has a watch for every occasion. So to help all the lost men out there I have but together a short watch guide where I bring up the different types of watches and why you should have at least one of each.

The Everyday Watch

First out in this watch guide is the everyday watch. As the name indicates is this a watch that you can wear everyday on casual occasions.  This is the watch you put on when your going to the store or at other occasions where you are not dressed up. Your everyday watch should be water resistant since you never know what weather you might end up in.

Rolex Submariner

The Dress Watch

This is the watch for the times that you wear a suit or tuxedo. Typical for the dress watch is that it’s thin and nothing flashy just a clean watch that goes well with your suit.

IWC Portugieser Chronograph

The Vintage Watch

This watch is for the more interested watch user out there. There are few watches that are more beautiful than an old vintage watch. Here is one of my favorite watches of all time. The Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue. It has the shape of an ordinary diver watch but the color combination and the nato-strap makes it a one of  a kind watch.

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue

The Standout Watch

Why be like everybody else? This watch is where you really show your personal style with a watch that is different but still beautiful. For example this Sevenfriday P1 on the picture below. It is very unique in it’s looks but it still is a clean watch witch automatic movement.

Sevenfriday P1

If You have any questions regarding this watch guide feel free to leave a comment and i’ll be happy to answer your questions. There will be more watch guides where i focus on one type of watch per article. So my next watch guide will be on everyday watches.

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