How to Watch MotoGP Exclusively Like a Sir

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Even if you’re not really a fan of this Grand Prix, you would definitely like to watch MotoGP exclusively.

The name Valentino Rossi rings any bell? He is the legend of MotoGP from Italy. He won the championship 9 times throughout his career since 1996. He is definitely one of the main reasons people come to watch MotoGP.

The prestige of winning races in MotoGP has been so high. The results are the very entertaining races to witness every season. The competition between the MotoGP riders is another interesting thing to watch as a side dish to a delicious main course.

The event itself is held in many countries. It lasts for at least three days (practice, qualifying session, and the race itself). But the euphoria lasts even longer. Experiencing this world class event in a luxurious way should be on your itinerary.

Here are 10 tips for you to watch MotoGP exclusively like a Sir. Set up your gears and start the engine!

10. Arrive Days Early to Explore The Town

How to Watch MotoGP Like a Sir Explore Mugello, Tuscany
How to Watch MotoGP Like a Sir: Enjoy Italian Feast in Tuscany, Italy | source:

When a city holds the MotoGP event, the whole town becomes festive. It is an experience not to miss when you are coming to watch MotoGP. Arrive days earlier prior to the race so you can explore the place and its festive luxuries.

Take a look at next month’s race in Mugello, Italy. It is located in the Tuscany area which is known for its landscapes and artistic legacy. There are many places to visit in Tuscany. The most popular one is the leaning tower of Pisa.

Being the home of the legendary Valentino Rossi, Italy becomes more festive during the event of MotoGP in Mugello. A visit to his hometown, Urbino, will give you the unforgettable experience.

Other countries offer you similar experience. For example, the next race will be in Le Mans, France. It is not too late to book for a trip to watch MotoGP Le Mans in May 8th.

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