Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours In The World | Top 10

1 July 2014

Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours In The World | Top 10

Are you wondering which are the weirdest ice cream flavours? That’s why we are here!

We all know ice cream as a sweet-flavoured dessert that is very refreshing, and most importantly, delicious.

But what about the craziest ice cream flavours that you couldn’t even have imagined they exist? We are telling you, they are out there and you might get goosebumps when you read about them.

Some of these weird ice cream flavours might be something interesting to try, but some of them are just terrible (or so they sound).

They surely are not your usual light and tasty dessert, but they do exist! It was very difficult to pick only 10, because trust us, there are a lot of crazy ice cream flavours out there, like pickles, pasta, goat cheese, or spaghetti. These are very normal compared with what we’re going to show you next.

Stay with us and find out which are the most bizarre ice cream flavours in the world! We are warning you, it might get nasty!

10.Beer Ice Cream

We start our journey with a very interesting and kind of normal flavour, the beer ice cream.

If you are a beer lover, this one is for you. And most importantly, if you are sick and tired of normal beer, why not try this ice cream?

The US company Frozen Prints created this ice cream by accident, when someone spilled some beer close to an ice cream maker. Apparently they thought this flavour is a great idea, so the ice cream is now really famous around the country.

The company’s tagline says:

“Have your beer and eat it too”

Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours In The World | Top 10
Top 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavours In The World – Beer Ice Cream

Something smells fishy at #9!

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