What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

15 November 2013

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear

Wondering what to wear when you have nothing to wear? Here’s some inspiration!

There is nothing to wear and you are in a rush, you don’t know what to do. You feel like you don’t want to go out anymore, because you can’t find anything nice to wear. You’ve been shopping every weekend and there is still nothing in your closet, is that even possible? NO!

That’s not possible. Even if sometimes t feels like that, that’s not true, I mean how is it possible to have nothing to wear when all of your clothes don’t fit in the closet?

I remember when I used to skip classes just because I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear! So I know how you feel about it but now I found the solution! Here’s to those of you that don’t know what to wear when you have nothing to wear!

 What should you do? Stop and take a breath! There are always some really nice outfit combinations that will save the day. If you don’t know what’s the outfit of the day, don’t worry and just take out all of your clothes. I mean all of them! First of all, think about the weather, is it cold or not? If it’s cold just go for a colorful sweater and some black trousers. Not so hard, isn’t it? Just go to the winter tops and trousers. If it’s warm you already know what you have to do! Summer clothes, dresses, skirts, tops, tank tops, etc.!!!

Don’t forget to be honest! Yes, be honest with yourself! If a top doesn’t look good on you, don’t wear it just because you never had the chance to wear it!

On those days when you think you have nothing to wear, your go to outfit is always a good choice. Just don’t wear the same combination over and over again! Try something else, something different!Put it back and get another one! And if you aren’t a size 0, don’t try to fit into that pair of jeans! You don’t want to look like you’re about to explode. Do you? Just because you can’t decide what to wear, doesn’t mean that you can’t be that girl that walks into the room and makes everyone turn around because she is completely flawless!

Dress for your body and style! As you already know, it’s really important to know your body type and that’s because you need to dress for it. Sometimes it’s not just about your weight, it’s just that you might not have the optimal shape for that cut.  Being fashionable doesn’t mean adhering to a specific look, it’s just about finding your own style and to wear the clothes for that style, this can be classic, hipster, modern, business look and so on!


Maxi Dress and Jacket

If you want to look nice but you have no idea what to wear, just wear a maxi dress! Doesn’t matter the color as long as it looks good on you! But if you want to be trendy, try that floral maxi dress! If you want more of a classic and simple look, wear a black maxi dress and just add some accessories. I would recommend a large necklace and some cute rings. It will look like you’ve really tried to look that good, when you actually didn’t! If it’s cold, just wear a denim or leather jacket!

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Maxi Dress and Jacket

Trousers and Blouse/Top

This outfit combination can take your from day to night. Every wardrobe should at least have one pair of trousers and a simple blouse. You can wear some printed or animal trousers with a white or black blouse. This outfit is very simple but it looks so nice if you know how to accessorize your outfit! I would recommend some gold bracelets or a large watch!

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Trousers and Blouse/Top

Jeans and Top

The jeans and top combination is a classic choice. This outfit is very casual and very comfortable. When you have nothing to wear, think again and open your closet! See that pair of jeans? Yes? Ok! Now you know what you have to do! You can make many variations to your look, depending on the color and cut of your jeans or top. To make it look more cool, you can wear some sunglasses and a nice pair of heels to make your legs look longer.

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Jeans and Top

Little black dress

The little black dress is another wardrobe staple that will see you through a range of occasions. The little black dress can be worn day or night and dressed up or down. You can create a range of different looks with just the one dress, depending on how you choose to style it. I always like that rock look while wearing a black dress, but of course there are so many ways to wear it! If you want that elegant look, just add some long diamond earrings and tadaaaam!

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Little black dress

Your favorite top and skirt

Again, a top and skirt can be the base for many different outfit combinations!  If the color of your skirt is really bright, don’t wear a colorful top! You can wear a white top , but that’s because white and black are non-colors and you can never go wrong with them.  Add some nice bracelets,  take your sunglasses with you and don’t forget about the bag! I would recommend a small bag and some really nice flats!

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Your favorite top and skirt

Floral dress

The floral dress has become a wardrobe staple this year. You could wear it alone, with a leather jacket, a blazer, or a denim jacket. You can work all kinds of different angles with your floral dress, from flirty and feminine to nineties grunge-inspired looks.

What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear
What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear: Floral dress

You can look perfect, even when you are in a rush or when you really think that you have nothing to wear. Just choose your favorite top and trousers and learn how to accessories your outfit. Next time you have one of those days where you’re convinced you don’t have anything to wear, think again! There is always something you can wear!

I hope you enjoyed our article about What To Wear When You Have Nothing To Wear. When was the last time you had one of these days? Let us know in the comments below!