Who is Dan Bilzerian and why you wish you were him!

23 March 2014

Along the way we’ve met plenty of people living the Ealuxe lifestyle around the world but none of them coming close to this guy!

So who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian (Net Worth: $150 Million) is the name and he is a playboy/astronaut/actor/ soldier/fighter /millionaire/investor/jetsetter + many other things, but above everything he is a professional poker player.

Currently in his prime at 33 years old Dan jet-sets around the world living the ultimate playboy lifestyle.

So let’s see who this guy is and why I bet you wished you were him!

Meet Dan Bilzerian:

This picture is pretty much the closest thing you can come to describing his life in one photo.

When he’s not driving one of his many Italian super-cars that have custom made licence plates that read “SUCK IT”

Aluminium plated beauties

He even bough this $900,000 Mercedes 6 Wheel SUV

He’s living in these places:

He’s got plenty of money!

He’s as ribbed as you can get:

When he’s not on his yachts:

He’s either hunting

or racing

or paying people to tattoo his face on them:

If you didn’t realize it by now, this guy loves to party!

And he parties big!

And all this doesn’t even account to 10% of what Dan’s life is all about!

Trained as a Navy Seal

He loves his tiny cat

Enjoys the finest things in life:

Collects guns:

and he’s not afraid to experiment:

with this $6500 bong

Basically every single picture this guy posted on instagram has a memorable story behind it!

He’s been called “Instagram’s Playboy King” , “the Ultimate Bro” and many other nicknames that just illustrate what this guy is all about.

He’s a gambler and he’s living his life just the way he wants to! Which mostly includes partying, drugs, luxury and having sex with beautiful models in some of the world’s most amazing penthouses!

Make sure you follow him on Instagram, profile here: Instagram.com/danbilzerian and let him know that you found him on Ealuxe.

What do you think about his life? Love him? Hate him? Let us know!