10 Reasons Why Men Dislike Relationships

28 June 2015

9th – He Has Jealousy Issues

I would never date a guy who has jealousy issues. Why? That’s pretty simple! I believe that when a man is jealous he has insecurities about himself.

A true gentleman knows no to be jealous because he masters the secrets of making a woman feel loved. And if a woman feels loved, there is no need for the man to be jealous.

It won’t even matter the dirty looks the sucker next to you is giving your girl, because you know she is yours and you are hers.

That’s a thing about confident males, and that’s why we, women, love a confident man so much. Bottom line, it is common that a man who hates relationships will have insecurities. And ladies, never date an insecure man!

10 Reasons Why Men Dislike Relationships
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