Why Ealuxe Needs To Change or Fade Away

4 October 2015

A lot has changed since we started out! Yes, you and I, Aluxer, we’ve known each other for a while now, maybe not in person but you’ve probably read at least one of my previous posts here on Ealuxe.com and to some degree I feel I know you – If not and this is the first time we talk I’m pleased to meet you.

People don’t end up on sites like this one if they don’t dream bigger than their current reality! We all come here to get inspired, motivate ourselves and reinforce the idea that what we’re working so hard on is worth it, maybe not now but we’ll get there, together!

Finding people that dream the same way as we do, Aluxer, is becoming a lot harder, many of us simply fade away in time or get side-tracked by other shinny objects. Many break when finding out the trophies they’ve been chasing are just smoke and mirrors and give up.

They give up too early because they feel like they’ve tried and it’s simply not for them. Others keep pursuing ghosts that are never to be caught simply because they’ve read on a motivational quote with bold text over a stock photo, somewhere on facebook that “winners never quit”.

winners never quit quote road ealuxe

Although the statement is true, it’s not complete and that’s where people get lost. They think that by keep doing the same thing over and over again at some point someone will award them a medal just because of their persistence, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The quote we shared above is not complete, it’s missing a crucial part of information that can make or break anyone who’s looking to win this game, not just play it.

Here’s what the quote should look like:

winners never quit changing

In order to win one must first survive and in order to do that one must be able to adapt, adjust and constantly improve itself up to a point where it had out-adapted every other influence.

Change is essential to long-term survival and the faster one can change and adapt the better chance of winning at whatever game you’re playing.

In time I had grown to accept change and make it part of my personal journey, no matter if I had to change locations, move to countries where I knew no-one, times when money was abundant and times when I had to look for spare change just to keep some food on the table.

Embrace change because at its core it is just the world telling you how well you are able to adapt.

I hate being comfortable! It makes me weak! My brain feels like it doesn’t need to work hard anymore since things are not critical. That’s when you become lazy, overconfident and the world is about to react to your attitude.

You’ll be slapped in the face harder than ever because the world wants to see you at your best, pushing hard, grinding, creating, solving problems and it’s up to you not to disappoint!

I took this vital lesson and infused it into everything I do, every time I feel I’m too comfortable, I change and so should you! Because those unwilling to change will simply fade away into Mediocrity!

In order to thrive you need to change before you have to! Those that foresee this will be the ones that win, the ones you read about in books and make a difference, the rest are just noise!

Ealuxe.com is a playground for people like you Aluxer, but even for us change in inevitable! This journey is just getting started and we’d like you to be apart of it! Change is coming!