Winter Accessories Trends & How to choose the Perfect Ones

4 December 2015

Winter Accessories Trends & How to choose the Perfect Ones!

Hello Aluxer, luxury is always in the details and with the Holidays right around the corner there’s no better time to take a look at the latest Winter Accessories Trends and how to make sure you’re picking the right accessories for a special Occasion!

In terms of style, any outfit can be taken to the next level with the right accessories.

It’s a lot less about covering your body with glam and more about picking that 1 or 2 items that complement the outfit you’re wearing with enough edge to show the world who you are, what you stand for and why you’re different.

People will always judge you based on your looks so make sure everything about you tells the right story!

We’ve taken a look at what Winter 2015-2016 looks like in terms of color pallets and we think you’ll love it, because we’re definitely looking forward to stand out this Holiday Season.

Being Edgy has never been cooler with avant-garde and rebellious trends popping up in most major collections, we’re witnessing the pinnacle of Gold, Smokey Greys, jewels & Silver!

palet accessories winter 2015-2016 Winter Accessories Trends Accessories for a Special Occasion

In everything around us we’re going back to essentials, simplicity and minimalism with the right amount of details are the new standard.

Perfectly aligned with this  vision, we’ve discovered the Gold Collection from UNO de 50 fashion jewelry, a Spanish jewelry brand that’s mixing the entire pallet in fine crafted pieces.

For example, this Gold-plated, uniquely designed ring with a faceted and smoky coloured triangular shaped SWAROVSKI crystal setting, meets has a raw but elegant feel to it that we simply love!

gold plated ring UNOde50

Every ring you wear should give a glimpse into your inner self! It speaks of the things one finds beautiful and how they relate to the person that’s wearing them.

In order to complete the look we recommend going for a bracelet with a similar vibe and feel as the ring! We recommend either a solid or simple linked bracelet from the same material as a core piece of the ring.

This is what we had in mind:

bracelets UNOde50

The brand offers a variety of original necklaces for women that will go hand in hand with the rest of your accessories!

Now that you have the sparkle done, you need to worry about shoes!

They should empower you, make you feel like you’re on a pedestal without being uncomfortable! This is especially important if you will be wearing them for an extended period of time.

Depending on your destination and occasion you should be able figure out what works and what doesn’t! As a rule of thumb: never go too high and there’s no need for the shoes to match the dress, but they should at least complement it!

alux shoes collection 3

Before you go, there’s one last accessory any strong women can’t go without: Her Smile & Confidence! Without them entire outfits can fall apart or on the contrary bring any outfit to life!

Remember that you’re the one wearing the clothes and accessories, make sure they reflect who you really are and let the world adjust to that! Happy Holidays!

That completes our Winter Accessories Trends & Inspiration article; hopefully we’ve inspired you to smile and now you’re ready to pick the Perfect Accessories for a Special Occasion!