10 Women’s Fashion Trends Guys Hate

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10 Women’s Fashion Trends Guys Hate

Women love fashion, and sometimes, men hate it. That is why today we are letting you know which are the most popular women’s fashion trends guys hate.

Have you ever asked your boyfriend what he thinks about your oh-so-cute new item that you bought and all you got was a shoulder shrug? That might be because you just purchased one of the 10 next items that men seem to… pretty much hate.

Even though we think they are sexy, stylish and even comfy, when it comes to fashion, men think totally otherwise.

Yes, there is some common ground, like stiletto heels, little black dresses and skinny jeans, but sometimes there are some big differences as well.

Let’s have a look at what men hate in our closet!


The first girls trend men hate are peplums.

If you want to impress a man you better stay away from peplum shirts or dresses.

Even though this type of garment leaves the impression that your waist is smaller than your hips (and men love that) and hides the problems in the stomach area, men don’t really like it.

They simply would like to see you without that extra piece of material, which, in their opinion, looks silly and childish.

“That top you wore last weekend, the black one. Looks like maternity wear.”

“Peplums… I just don’t get it.”

10 Women's Fashion Trends Guys Hate - Peplum
10 Women’s Fashion Trends Guys Hate – Peplum
10 Women's Fashion Trends Guys Hate - Peplum
10 Women’s Fashion Trends Guys Hate – Peplum

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