World’s Biggest Office Desk

19 March 2014

World’s Biggest Office Desk

I’m curious what is your first thought when you read the tile, you obviously picture it in your head, a long straight desk, a circular one, what is it? That was my first question when I found this.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see that it`s a combination of this two and even more. This is something that completely redefines an office and its interior design.

The world’s biggest office desk was designed for The Barbarian Group, a digital creative agency that has recently moved in New York City and the ones responsible for this amazing reinvented desk are the people from Clive Wilkinson Architects.

There’s no need to say that The Barbarian Group thinks highly of their employees and want to offer them a fun and innovative work environment. Exactly like my favourite quote is saying, if you have a job that you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.

So now let’s have a loog at the World’s Biggest Office Desk and find out a little bit more about it!

World’s Biggest Office Desk

The Superdesk, as it is called, is a 4,400 square feet of undulating and unbroken structure that seats all 125 of their employees together creating a unique collaborative work environment.

World’s Biggest Office Desk

Including not only individual workspaces, the world’s biggest office desk features seven archways which can housing under them semi-private nooks that are for small awesome work groups or awesome meetings, because nothing in this office is normal or dull.

World’s Biggest Office Desk

Not only the open-format of the office encourages people to collaborate on projects and ideas but it’s also a known fact that great things happen when we all work together.

World’s Biggest Office Desk

Now tell me that you wouldn’t want to work in an office like this and you’d rather work alone sitting at a normal sized boring desk surrounded by 4 walls or separators. Yeah, didn’t think so.

Now this is a out-of-the-box thinking and it reminds us that working together in harmony and close collaboration with our fellow co-workers, will not only improve our work, but our ways of living too.

Official Website and Photo Credits: The Barbarian Group and Clive Wilkinson Architects

We hope you enjoyed our article about the World’s Biggest Office Desk.

Let us know what you think about this amazing idea and if you would want to work in an office like this.