World’s Most Expensive Business Cards

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World’s Most Expensive Business Cards

Wondering which are the World’s Most Expensive Business Cards? Keep reading!


If you’re running out of ways to make a good first impression on a business meeting, we recommend you something unconventional, very sophisticated and extremely expensive. World’s most expensive business cards, to be exact. Wondering what’s so special about this set of cards? We’ll give you a hint, it involves some pretty nice diamond studs. Check out next the prices, pictures and details.

World's Most Expensive Business Cards

People are getting bored of basic business card that they’re gonna toss someplace and might easily lose them, because they save the most important contacts in their phones or mail address book anyway. So if you’re tired of your business card and are ready to make a serious rebranding to it, we suggest some inspiration coming from the world’s most expensive business cards done by Black Astrum company.

Black Astrum is a London-based design company which specializes in costumizing and manufacturing business cards encrusted in diamonds and made at the highest quality to offer members and their companies the very best. If you’re looking for a way to truly make a statement, look no more.

World's Most Expensive Business Cards

World's Most Expensive Business Cards

Black Astrum’s signature cards, which also happen to be the World’s Most Expensive Business Cards, are handcrafted on Swiss metal and have as many diamonds per piece as one desires. Each set of Black Astrum’s signature card feature 30 carats of diamonds. If a manager needs more than its brand’s positioning and net worth to represent his company in business meeting, this is an unconventional way to show his wealth, power and even social status.

Every Black Astrum business card can be compared with an haute couture fashion design that usually  amaze women to their bone, but probably in a more manly, sophisticated manner. The price of a single piece of this type of business card is worth $1,500. You probably wanna choose real good who you’ll give your business card because a 10 piece set is no less than $15,000.

World's Most Expensive Business Cards

Would you want a couture business card? Leave your thoughts about it in the comment box below.

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