Worlds Most Expensive App: VIP Black & I Am Wealthy

29 May 2014

Worlds Most Expensive App

Wondering what’s the Worlds Most Expensive App? You’re in the right place!

Apps have been around for a while and we’re accustomed to prices like $0.99 for an app, but there’s another side to each app store that many of us never get to visit, because let’s face it, who would spend $10,000 on an app?

I am not talking to buying the rights to one, but a simple download of the “I am Wealthy” App created by App Mania will drain your account of $10,000.

Very similar to the old “I am rich” app, this one also does nothing apart from giving you the option to brag to your friends about how wealthy you are and how foolishly you just spend your money.

The first one we’re gonna talk about is the current most expensive android app followed by the most expensive apple store app:

Check This Out:

I Am Wealthy- Price Tag: $10,000

I Am Rich 2.0 - I Am Wealthy - 10,000
I Am Rich 2.0 – I Am Wealthy – $10,000

“I am wealthy” is currently the most expensive app available in the world, but there’s a twist, it’s not in the Apple Store, so for many of you it doesn’t count, that’s why further on I’ll present you the most expensive app in the Apple Store.

Apple has made it impossible to sell an app at a price over $999.99

So here’s the [highlight]worlds most expensive app from the Apple Store[/highlight]:

VIP BLACK – Price tag: $999


VIP Black - Worlds Most Expensive App Apple Store iTunes
VIP Black – Worlds Most Expensive App – $999

 which is an invitation-only credit card for the most affluent people. This is a premium lifestyle app, which offers the bearer special treatment in certain venues that offered their partnership, venues such as: Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, Virgin Limited Edition and Firmdale Hotels. These perks refer to special gifts, room upgrades, priority access and similar services.

Just spending $999 is not enough to enjoy this type of treatment, after you buy the app you are required to prove that you are a high net worth individual by showing proof that your account exceeds $1 million.

Once that is out of the way the user gets a personal consultant that will personalize the app to fit your needs starting from personal trainers to private jets.