World’s Most Expensive Car as of 2015

3 September 2015

The Most Expensive Car in the World as of 2015

Rankings are changing fast so it’s no wonder there’s a new world’s most expensive car as of 2015!

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Getting back to the luxurious car we’re about to take a look at, it seems that the Mercedes-Benz W196 (the most expensive car in the world in 2014 sold for 29.6 Million) has been dethroned by a site favorite Ferrari 250 GTO.

This incredibly rare automobile was sold at Bonhams’ Lodge Auction in California for a staggering amount of $38 million making it the world’s most expensive car.

Let’s see what exactly makes the most expensive car in the world worth that much:

History of the most expensive car in the world as of 2015:

This particular car was the 19th 250 GTO Ferrari made and it was made specifically for the 1962 Tour de France. Jo Schlesser, experienced French driver, managed to finish second in it making the car part of the automotive history.

The car proved not to be a lucky charm for Henri Oreiller, which crashed the car, later the same year during a race near Paris at Montlhéry. The crashed killed the driver and totaled the car.

Seizing the opportunity, Italian businessman and Ferrari enthusiast, Fabrizio Violati, purchased the car and completely restored it. The automobile became one of his most prized possessions within his personal gallery in San Marino – also known as theMaranello Rosso Collection. For 49 years the car was with Violati, which showcased and raced the rare Ferrari at different high-end events in Europe.

The price of the car was expected to go down due to the crash in 1962 but it ended up adding to its overall value, even more so considering it was the property of such an important figure for almost its entire existence.

In 2010, Fabrizio Violati dies and the family decided to sell the entire collection to a group of investors for a total price of $100 million. The same investors sold several several Ferraris – including the most expensive car in the world, the 250 GTO – from Violati’s collection through Bonhams auction house back in 2013.

INFOGRAPHIC on: The World’s Most Expensive Car as of 2015

We put together this slick looking infographic that sums the main points on the 250 GTO regarded as the current world’s costliest car, that’s easily shareable and provides a gallery with what the luxury car looks like. Enjoy!

Most Expensive Car in the World as of 2015 Infographic Ealuxe

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