Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2013

1 August 2013

Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases

Ever since the iPhone was launched the entire industry has been completely changed, and wherever is a booming industry there will be side products to profit from it.

iPhone cases are one of the most profitable and spread accessories on the market being overruled only by the classic headphones, so it is no wonder some of the world’s biggest brands wanted a piece of this slice, taking this rather simple product to a luxury standard.

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Top 5 most expensive iPhone cases available on the market:

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case: $315 – $1,120

Louis Vuitton has already become a synonym for luxury so it isn’t a surprise they’re came up with their own luxury iphone case. Although their products start from “as cheaply” as $315 there are a few limited edition cases that go over $1000. If you wish to browse through their products here’s the link: Louis Vuitton Store 

lv case Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2013 - EALUXE.COM

Brikk’s 75g Gold and 100g Platinum Cases: $11,610-$14,235

Ok, so it’s time to step it up a notch and take it over the $10,000 price tag. We love Brikk’s initiative  and they way they promoted the products. With every iPhone case sold they’re donating food to philanthropic causes and working towards helping with the hunger problem world-wide. They’re also challenging other luxury brands to share their initiative.

“We believe that all luxury brands should donate a decent percentage of their proceeds to charity,” said Cyrus Blacksmith, founder at Brikk, Los Angeles.

brikk-case-models Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2013 - EALUXE.COM Heaven

Diamond Case: $20,000

With a price tag of over $20,000 this diamond case lives up to it’s name, it is just that, an iphone case covered in 42 WWS1 3.5 carats diamonds. It is produced by a company called Case-Mate.

$20 000 Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2013 - EALUXE.COM

Golden Delicious by GnG: $100,000

Now that we’re done with the little league let’s talk about the big players on the market. GnG’s custom case, Golden Delicious, goes for over $100,000. Although it was released back in the days of iPhone 3G it still managed to get into our top 5. It’s final price was $108,981 and for that money you get 140 grams of 18k gold and 200 diamonds + the outer frame features another 400 diamonds in the logo.

The German producer GnG described this luxury iphone case with a tag line by Oscar Wilde: “I have the simplest tastes.  I am always satisfied with the best”.

gng_golden_delicious_iphone_case Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2013 - EALUXE.COM

Uunique London’s Lotus iPhone 5 case: $302,985

Although GnG said their product is the best, in the world of luxury nothing sticks to the No.1 position for long, being overthrown by Uunique London’s Lotus iPhone 5 Case by 3 times: $302,985 makes the Lotus Case The Worlds Most Expensive iPhone Case!

This was our top 5 when it comes to worlds most expensive iphone cases and I truly hope you found this useful.

But a $300,000 case doesn’t make your iphone the most expensive smartphone in the world!