World’s Most Expensive Islands 2017

24 February 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Islands in the World 2017

If you’ve ever wondered what is the world’s most expensive island or what are the 10 Most Expensive Islands  in the World, we’re here to throw some light on the subject!

Although we have already talked about the $221 million apartment in London or the $125 million in New York it was time to get serious and take a look at what billionaires, not millionaires, afford to buy!

Of course we’re talking about owning a big peace of this planet we call home, somewhere nobody can bother you: Your private island!

In this article we cover these luxurious properties and keep up with the market prices.

But before we dive into the private islands with prices and owners, let’s take a look at why anyone would want to buy an island in the first place:

1. Probably the main reason is the Isolation aspect of the property. You can escape from everything and everyone on your own piece of personal heaven.

2. There are no crowds like in the popular resorts, because you have the island all to yourself you are free to behave anyway you want to + you get the best spots on the island!

3. The Investment Perspective: land is one of the most popular investments with prices rapidly going on with the last couple of years so buying one of the most expensive islands in the world might turn up to be quite a profitable investment on the long run!

There’s nothing more luxurious than owning your own island, but not all islands are the same! In order to stand out among other billionaires you need to own one of these! Let’s get started!

Here is out top 10 World’s Most Expensive Islands 2017!


Shelter Island, Montana – Price: $59.5 million

We start our top 10 with the cheapest of the bunch: Shelter Island, Montana.

Rising from the waters of Flathead Lake, the 24-acre piece of land is the setting for the largest private home in Montana, a unique 32,000 square-foot property, featuring a 24,000 square foot mansion.

This ready to move to island has everything in place for a new owner to move into and make it his own.

UpdateAlthough the island was listed for 59.5 million it seems that the price has dropped, the current owner considering parting with the luxurious property for around $45 Million

most expensive islands in the world 2017 alux 10 shelter island montana
Most Expensive Islands in the World 2017: #10 Shelter Island, Montana, Price: $59.5 Million

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