World’s Most Expensive Lemons

25 May 2014

World’s Most Expensive Lemons

Which are the world’s most expensive lemons?

Lemons baby. The kinds of fruits that make our face look silly. I’m already having the taste of lemons in my mouth as we speak.

But we use them in other purposes as well, right? Like in a cake or in the same glass as the coca cola. Also we like them in our expensive alcoholic drinks.

Also the lemons can be used as beauty tricks. You can apply the juice from the lemon in your conditioner for your hair to make it shine. Or you can deep your nails into the juice to make your nails stronger.

Where do you like your lemons to be? And how do you like them?

World's Most Expensive Lemons 2n
World's Most Expensive Lemons

No wonder that the bill at the bar just became more expensive. I’m sure you didn’t think of that, but lemons have some significant role to play in that matter.

Almost all the lemons and limes consumed in the states come from Mexico. And because of that the price of lemons is getting higher and higher.

World's Most Expensive Lemons 4

And the states also produces more lemons that any other and trails only Florida in orange production. Also many other factors can contribute of the price of lemons such as the costs of shipment, the demand and of course the market.

The prices can go higher if you choose to grow them yourself. If you are into gardening the harvesting of the lemons can be really high.

World's Most Expensive Lemons 5

Well, we found the most expensive lemons in the world. Care to have a drink with a slice of lemon?

Israel is the home of the most expensive lemons in the world. Because there the hobby of gardening can be really expensive as water for irrigation is a precious commodity.

World's Most Expensive Lemons 3

In average a grown lemon tree ready to bear fruits will cost you as much as £400. Chances are that the first season harvest you just end up with only four lemons and those will became the most expensive lemons priced at approx. £100.

World's Most Expensive Lemons 7

Pretty pricy for some lemons right? And you have to count the price for the beverage and that’s why a glass of whiskey is so expensive.

World's Most Expensive Lemons 6

Studies have shown that the 450,000 Israeli settlers living on the West Bank of River Jordan use more water than the Palestinians.

With that fact considered the price of their lemons can only grow by day.

What do you think about the world’s most expensive lemons? Would you like a drink with an Israeli lemon?