You Don’t Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

9 July 2015

You Don’t Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

Here at Ealuxe we don’t only talk about high end products and luxury, we’re always on the look-out to make our community smarter and better!

That’s why today we’re tackling a topic more related to our recent Education category and we’ll take a look at one of the most popular misconception the “You eat 8 spiders per year in your sleep” myth and prove why it’s wrong!

TL;DR: if you’re just not feeling like reading the entire piece, at the end of this article there’s a video we made that offers all the information in an easier to follow format!

If you’ve been on the internet for a while it’s almost impossible you haven’t heard the following statistic: People swallow an average of seven to eight spiders per year while sleeping.

The good news is: that’s complete bullshit. Actually is was a made up fact to prove how fast inaccurate information can spread across the internet if it’s shocking enough!

So you can relax, there’s not a single study to back up that statistic!

Don’t take it personally, but you’re scarier and less appealing to spiders than you might think!

People have a tendency to move a lot while they sleep, making it a highly frightening area for spiders! Also they are not suicidal! No living thing has any interest in crawling into your mouth and never see the light of day again! Plus, your breathing has exactly that side benefit, it keeps the 8th legged away!

Your body even has an alarm system: your tongue! If anything starts touching your tongue even if you’re a deep sleeper you’re very likely to wake up!

So sleep tight arachnophobes, it’s almost impossible to swallow a spider while you sleep!

Don’t get all cozy yet, because there is another thing that you should know about!

Although you’re not eating spiders while you sleep, you are eating them through your food! The are plenty of insect parts in your food and the FDA approves of it!

FDA = Food and Drug Administration

Let’s take chocolate:

There are over 60 insect fragments per every 100 grams of chocolate, and that’s according to the FDA!

eat spiders grams insect parts You Don’t Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

Ohh, the peanut butter? 30 fragments with every 100 grams! Delicious right?

eat spiders peanut butter You Don’t Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

Almost everything you eat has insect parts in it, and that’s a fact!

The thing is, it’s impossible not to get insect fragments in your food and the FDA is just monitoring for Unsafe levels of contamination!

So have no worries, the insects in your food will not kill you, actually they’re pretty good for your health!

Insects are a great source of protein, comparable with chicken, beef and fish!

I know what you might be thinking: I don’t care how good they are for me, I want them out of my food! NOW!

Well, the impact of pesticides and preservatives, used to keep away insects, to the food you eat is exponentially more damaging to the human body than our little friends!

Bugs are easier to grow, take less space and do less harm to the environment compared to our meat processing factories, so in a very near future we might see a shift in popular consumption!

Even though you’re unlikely to swallow spiders during your sleep, perhaps you should consider doing it while you’re awake. Join the 2 billion people across the planet — in Africa, Asia, South America and Australia — who already eat insects with great enthusiasm.

The impact of increasing insect consumption around the world would have dramatic effects from both an economical stand-point and also from a standard of living, since the cost of growing insects is incredibly low.

Let’s take a look at how it measures versus beef in terms of resources needed in order to produce it for mass market.

crickets vs beef You Don’t Eat Spiders In Your Sleep, You Eat Them In Your Everyday Food

This is just something you Ealuxers should think about!

We even took the time to make a video for you that you can share with your friends!

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