What It Feels Like To Be YOUNG And FREE

18 April 2015

When You’re Young and Free the World is Your Playground!

Sometimes a great thing to remind yourself is your age! Why is that? Because it makes you consider the bigger picture, that life is finite, that life should be about living not just surviving. So what does it feel like to be young and free?

Time cares not about your job, your thoughts or your dreams, unless you are ready to bring them to reality!

The moment is now, as you’re reading this, time is flying by! Is this reality what you were meant to experience or is your inner voice telling you it’s time to start living?!

I confess that I’ve been a fan of Alexis Ren (18, for obvious reasons), Jay Alvarrez (19, for having an amazing lifestyle while very young) and Alexander Tikhomirov ( for his work – I’m pretty sure if you know his name you’ve enjoyed most of his videos), so when I heard these 3 are coming together and having a blast I was expecting the result to be outstanding.

For those of you unfamiliar with them, Alexis Ren is an adorable model, rising incredibly fast in popularity, her boyfriend Jay Alvarrez, photographer and extreme sports enthusiast and Alexander an up and coming film-maker with a sexy edge to his work.

The couple recently became internet famous due to the visual content they’re sharing on their social media profiles.

They’re young, they’re free and brands are throwing money at them to endorse their products in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience, and it works.

With the money from endorsements they get to travel the world and enjoy life for everything it has to offer!

Ealuxe was always meant to be a voice of the elite, to show people that living your dreams is possible with real-life examples of people making the most of their lives either through luxury living or just by the way they have designed their lives.

The ultimate form of luxury is freedom!

This is the result of their collaboration and by the end of the video, you’ll get wanderlust!

We congratulate these 3 for sharing what it feels like to be young and free and look forward to even more experiences like this one from them!