The Youngest Digital Multi-Millionaires Who Changed The World

22 April 2015

Youngest Digital Multi-Millionaires With Brilliant Minds

These are the youngest digital multi-millionaire, brilliant people who revolutionized the modern world through their simple and multi-functional online gadgets.

After some big names, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and more recently Mark Zuckerberg, it’s time to introduce some new names from the digital era, that supported the internet and offered a their knowledge to create something new.

Skipping the international star and figure of Facebook, due to a detached lead from the rest, we present the youngest digital multi-millionaires of today.

With a leading start and more than $35,1 billion, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the brilliant minds of the new internet order and with him, these guys revolutionized so many things and got extremely rich and let’s remember they are still young.


10. Peter Cashmore

Founder of a blog and star in the media world, this name is our first choice for an outstanding entrepreneur that used the digital world to make a multi-million dollars net worth.

Mashable is the popular blog dedicated to inform on all kinds of news and to give the people who are connected a glance at what the world should see.

With more than 10 million readers monthly, the blog offers also digital media consultancy and expert reviews of technology based news as well as the daily information you see and explore on your newsfeed or other news provider.

With a net worth going through the roof and some inquiries in the media world he became easily influential and made us consider to name him one of the youngest digital multi-millionaires who changed the world.

#10 Peter Cashmore | Youngest Digital Multi-Millionaires | Image Source: pixshark.com
#10 Peter Cashmore | Youngest Digital Multi-Millionaires | Image Source: pixshark.com
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