10 Best Ford Models of All Time

19 November 2014

10 Best Ford Models of All Time

If you were looking for the 10 Best Ford Models manufactured until now, you’re in the right place!

Because we wanted to bring to you a list with ten amazing cars that had a role in Ford’s history at their time.

Even though this list my not be on everybody’s taste, since we all have a different one when it comes to cars, I hope you will find at least half of your favourite Ford model in here.

And we want to launch a challenge for you! After you finish with this list, take a moment and see if you can improve or personalize it, take a moment and make your own list!

So what do you think, are you up to the challenge? Let’s go!

10. Ford Torino

Produced for the North American market between 1968 and 1976, the Torino model was an intermediate automobile built under the Ford brand.

The Torino was considered a subseries to the Fairlane, and by 1970 Torino had become the primary name for Ford’s intermediate.

Classified as muscle cars, most Torinos were conventional cars, and the most popular models were the 4-door sedans and 2-door hardtops.

10 Best Ford Models of All Time
10 Best Ford Models of All Time #10 Ford Torino [Image Source: wallpaperup.com]
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