10 Best Land Rover Models of All Time

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9. Defender Ice Edition 2010

The Land Rover Defender Ice Edition makes part of a special edition actually called “Fire and Ice”, but first let’s talk a bit about the original Defender.

The Land Rover Defender was produced between the years 1983 and 2015. This model is a four-wheel-drive off-road utility vehicle developed from the original Land Rover Series which was launched in 1948.

And to honour this amazing model, the British manufacturer announced the birth of a special edition, the “Fire and Ice”.

The name of this edition, as you probably figured it out already, comes from the colours in which the special edition is painted in.

The Ice is based on the Defender 110, while its nemesis on the Defender 90, and the price for one of them is 68,400 pounds.

Land Rover said that the Fire and Ice will be manufactured in only 850 units, and will be available in 16 countries, but they also said this:

“Inspired by the world’s most challenging landscapes – where Defenders have earned their reputation for rugged dependability – the Fire & Ice models blend classic Land Rover functionality with a stunning new style,”

10 Best Land Rover Models of All Time
10 Best Land Rover Models of All Time #9 Defender Ice Edition 2010 [Image Source: blogcdn.com]
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