10 Best Maybach Models of All Time

18 November 2014

9. Maybach SW42

Next on the list is final model of the SW series built by the German manufacturer.

The Maybach SW42 was roduced between 1939 and 1941, and as I said, it was the last model of the SW series.

Despite having its engine displacement increased to 4.2-liters, the SW 42 model offered the same 140 hp power output as his predecessors.

But the new upgraded model did bring something new, and that was a whole new level of luxury.

And that’s because extremely expensive and refined materials were used and the car was available in a lot of body versions.

In total, a number of 850 units were sold, so we can say it was really successful compared to other models.

10 Best Maybach Models of All Time
10 Best Maybach Models of All Time #9 Maybach SW42 [Image Source: fahrzeugbilder.de]
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